Glimpses of White

Glimpses of white in our home...
(from my picture archives)

lots and lots of white candles
white poinsettias at Christmas
adding white trim
white wedding tree in our bedroom
fluffy white towels
 moire cotton table runner 
cream lace dish collection
baking canisters
crocheted granny square afghan 
 slipcovers and pillows
more white slipcovers 
vintage crochet and white pitchers
 collected pitchers and dishes
 dishes and vintage table runners
 pitchers for cooking utensils and enamel bread box
 lots of white curtains
hydrangeas in summer
 soaps and faux eggs
I'm linking to Donna's White Themed SNS at Funky Junk.


  1. Love all your whites. The table runner is great! Lezlee

  2. I love white and ALL of yours is beautiful! Love your slips! and your white Christmas decor! So pretty!

  3. You have almost convinced me to give up color...all your whites are so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving! ;D

  4. Totally, totally gorgeous, Elizabeth. I can't pick a favorite, it's all so pretty.

  5. I don't think I use a lot of white, but when you look around the house at small vingettes ... it's amazing the amount of white there is.

  6. I love it all. YUM! You have such great style. Are your slips cotton duck?

  7. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the wedding tree in your bedroom. How romantic!!!!!

  8. I love everything about your home. I think you need to pick it up and move it beside mine. I'll share my view and you can share your decorating tips. Sound like a plan Stan? : )



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