Adding Some Architectural Interest~Finally Getting Started

Adding some architectural interest to our home in the form of trim work has been something I have wanted to start for quite a while. There is so much inspiration, and talent, out there in blog land and I have finally worked up the courage to jump in. The following two photos are some of the inspiration:
I love these examples, above and below, from the gorgeous Blue River Cottage, Stephen Alexander Homes and Neighborhoods.
My husband and I are novices in the home reno area. I can paint any wall, including stairwells, and paint often, but construction and woodworking jobs are not something either of us have experience with. Hiring someone is not in our budget, so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Lucky for us we have a strong and enthusiastic 13 year old sidekick. And a nephew with an air compressor and nailer he was willing to lend us (we so want one now.)
 This is what we started with and the colour of the kitchen for the last few years...
And after a coat of fresh white before any trim was added...
We also worked on adding thicker baseboard on the opposite wall, but had to stop for the day when the extra trim we picked up from the local hardware store was thicker than the trim from Home Depot. Hopefully I can share a little more of the progress, slow though it is, by the end of the week (I work full time outside of our home.) It may not end up looking as glamorous as the inspiration photos, but I'm liking it better already. And I figure if we keep adding a bit more, eventually I will get around to the dreaded fireplace wall, and over time we may work our way over to the stairs. Hoping you have a wonderful week,


  1. Great job, it looks very nice! It's so fun to make thing s all new again! :D

  2. Hi Elizabeth, looks awesome so far! We had our friend do some of our trim work in the kitchen, and he had to make a cut out for the new oven, otherwise we're like you, we can paint. Nuff said hehe

  3. Hey thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Blue River Cottage - it's gorgeous. I agree the trim in there is amazing. I think you are well on the way to improving the trim in your kitchen, from the looks of the picture. We still haven't done anything about the bulkheads in our kitchen, so I'm interested to see what you do with yours.

  4. It must feel so great to get started. Maybe Santa will get you one of those air compressor nailers ;).

  5. You are braver then I! Looks great so far.

  6. This looks great so far! And yes, power tools are addicting!

  7. Oh my goodness! Your home is gonna be gorgeousness! Keep going!
    Eventually you'll be done :)
    I love me a white kitchen!

  8. Looks great so far!!!
    Can't wait to see the final product

    Thanks for visiting and for following -- I'm now following you, too!


  9. i love those steps too.
    everything is looking great!!!!!

  10. Molding is where it's all at for sure. I can't wait to see the finished work. Looking great so far!!

  11. It's always exciting tackling these kinds of projects! We're not handy with woodworking at ALL either so the only advice I can give is take your time! The finished results will be LOVELY!

  12. I'm sure it's going to be beautiful (it already is looking lovely with the changes you've made)! Dreaded fireplace wall? I have one of those too. Off to check yours out.


  13. looking good! and, the enthusiastic teens are the best, aren't they?

  14. I love the look of a white kitchen. Your inspirational photo's are beautiful! I work full time out side of the home, too and understand about things not moving as fast as we would sometimes like! Any progress is progress! Slow or fast! It is looking great!

  15. I love the look of extra trim in a home. Wish we had more in ours. Neither of us are very handy though.

    The drop cloth goes to the floor, so I decided to turn the chairs out, so the drop cloth would hang better, rather than be draped over the chairs.


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