Piles of Pillows

I'm joining Donna for Funky Junk Interiors' SNS#50 PILLOWS feature. I love making pillows for our home. Sewing them myself makes them more affordable, and I don't stress when they end up on the floor or in sticky hands.
This is a down/feather filled pillow made with drop cloth fabric. I used the hemmed section of the drop cloth for the hem on the ruffle.
I made a pair of these blue striped box pillows with outdoor fabric and they are normally in a basket to be used for TV watching on the floor.

 Here I was experimenting with two different types of pleats and drop cloth fabric. I love the texture, the tiny flecks of darker colour, and the casual wrinkles. They wash very easily too.

A cotton stripe with fold over edge and buttons, and a blue paisley fabric (the blue paisley is moving to our guest suite bedroom.)

This spring I bought several patterns of outdoor fabric to make pillows for our farmhouse patio table and chairs. I could only find photos of two of the patterns, however.

My friend  gave me some fabric that worked so well for pillows on our front porch.

I love the texture of the white fabric I used for these pillows in the living room this past Christmas. They are now in our bedroom. The beauty of neutral fabrics is that it is so easy to move the pillows from room to room.

This shows more of the texture of the white pillows. I added the gathered fabric to a pair of these blue and white ticking stripe pillows (sorry for the blurry photo.)

This was our bedroom at Christmas. I love the down-filled scroll fabric pillow. The two white matelasse pillow shams were purchased, and I have since added a blue duvet and matching king pillows and shams. We also now have several other pillows in here (more photos need updating.) We have a TV in our bedroom and the four of us often watch a show together so all the pillows come in handy.

We also have lots of pillows in our basement guest suite but I need to take photos of those when I finish rearranging some things down there.
I love having pillows to snuggle with when I am relaxing. You probably noticed that I use easy care fabrics like cotton, drop cloth and outdoor fabrics. Our style is very casual so you won't find any fragile or fancy fabrics here. Pillows need to be picked up off the floor quite regularly around here, but they are one thing that I would have trouble living without. I would love to learn how to transfer images onto muslin and make a numbered pillow. Or find some great feed bags with agricultural themes for this farm loving family. I'm also surprised that although I love to quilt, I don't currently have any quilted pillow covers. I may just have to work on this too. Thanks for coming along on my pillow tour!
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  1. great pillows. I love the off white ruffly one and the folded down one with the buttons. Lezlee

  2. Lovely pillows Elizabeth! I love the ruffled, {pleated} pillows! Angie xo

  3. You are a good pillow maker...every one of them is just so cute! I don't mind when mine get used either...thats what they are for after all :D

  4. your place is so pretty. Great pillows!

  5. What beautiful pillows you've created! Such a pretty space!!

  6. Love all of your pillows. I am constantly making pillows too. They give a room such a comfy look and the colors can totally change the feel of the space. Yours are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your pillows are wonderful! I especially like the drop cloth ones with pleats.

  8. I'm a bit of a pillow-a-holic and I love all of your wonderful pillows!

    Kat :)

  9. They all look fantastic ... I particularly love the striped ones.

  10. Beautiful pillows Elizabeth. I loved seeing these glimpses of your home.

  11. Beautiful pillows, you do such a great job with your sewing. I love all the different colors and textures you've used. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a new follower.

    I also love your living room decor and colors you've used in the room. Great job!

  12. I love the drop cloth pillows! I might have to make some of these and do a little switcheroo on my pillows!

  13. I've long loved the ruffled detail of your pillows Elizabeth. and I swear, that living-room is getting lovelier every time you show it! Amazing details.

    Thanks for linking up to the pillow SNS feature!


  14. Of course I love you work--I wanted to let you know I gave you a shout out in my current post :).

  15. I had no idea you had so many pillows. I love how you can mix and match them. The drop cloth ones are great - the pleated ruffle is perfect. I would love to make one like that - you just might have inspired me.

  16. Hi! I just discovered your blog. It is so very nice to meet you! Twyla

  17. OHHH!!
    I do so love that living room of yours--it looks like it's from a magazine, love!!
    Can I make a reservation to stay in the Guest Suite?
    Do you serve breakfast in bed?
    Can I have a Spa Treatment?
    I am in need of them RIGHT NOW!
    I always love seeing peeks of your home!
    Warm, cozy.

  18. Elizabeth ... Love, Love, LOVE all your pillows. What a great way to add a personal touch to your home. I'm hoping to learn how to make ruffles at my next sewing class.

  19. eeek - I LOVE LOVE those pillows. Do you think you might be up for doing a tutorial on how you EXACTLY (I need clear directions with pictures!) made those drop cloth ruffle ones and the blue one with the ruffle down the middle ahhhhh - they are gorgeous!

  20. The pillows came out way cute! I also LOVe the oar above the white couch. Did you paint that yourself? I have two I bought through Craigslist for the boys' room that I want to paint but it's a project sitting in the back burner. :)

  21. Muslin is SO cheap and can be made up nicely into pillows, curtains for the kitchen etc.... love your torn ruffle pillow BTW...


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