Painting the kitchen~Looking for advice

I always admire people who plan a project and work at it until it is completed. I'm guilty of having lots and lots of plans and quite a few unfinished projects. Sometimes it is due to our budget and other times I just get distracted or don't know how to finish. This is one of those times.
I love the paint colour on most of our main floor, a neutral beige, Benjamin Moore's Stone House. It goes from our entry, through to our family room and back around to the kitchen. Or, most of the kitchen. This is where I have the problem. I started the kitchen and didn't finish because I had some trim ideas that I had to figure out. In the above photo, you can see where the Stone House stops at the kitchen breakfast bar. Changing our counters, flooring or cabinets is NOT an option. The yellow is what I am painting over.
If you look above the cabinets to the soffit, you will see where I have started to paint Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Today I carried the white across the soffit because I plan to add trim and make the soffit look more like part of the white cabinets.

{Sorry for the quickly taken photos mid-paint job!)

Today I also used the white to paint the backsplash, mostly to get rid of the yellow, but also to see how the white would look. I'm not sure I like the white on the lower backsplash area. Should I continue the Stone House across to the backsplash area? It seems more logical as the rest of this wall in the eat-in area is Stone House. Or should I try the white for awhile (this is just first coat of paint.) 
I would eventually like to add white subway tile or beadboard, or mini 1 inch tiles, but I have too much other trim work planned first. The painted backsplash will have to do for now. I would also like to change the brass knobs, even though my sister and bil so kindly bought them for us for Christmas a few years ago.
And if you have time to comment, do you have an idea what I should put above the sink? I have had a framed print here for years, but it would need updating. Would a mirror look weird there? We had to get all new appliances over the last three years, and I actually chose the white. I'm thinking the stainless might have been a better idea. {sigh} Thanks for stopping by and for any input.


  1. I've been having a rough time with color choices, too. I just painted my walls that yellow, lol. I like the white appliances...not sure what color for black splash, but since you have it white now I would let that stay awhile and see how it sets with you. I would spray my knobs silver or black or some other color or buy new ones.

    sorry I'm not much help...Lezlee

  2. Love the stone house colour and if you decide to keep the backslash paint for the timebeing, I'd carry that tone in that area. It defines the area as a wall like the rest of the surrounding rooms rather than confuse it with the cabinets.

    Having said that... if you MADE the white backsplash look like wood, I think that too could be cool. What about strips of wood for a board and batten effect? I LOVE mine. :) But then I have wooden cabs to contrast too. If you think it's too much white, stick to the wall colour for certain.

    Lovely look you're going after! LOVE that stone colour. So fresh!


  3. I like the idea of the backsplash being painted the same as the rest of the house. Especiall if you add some kind of trim to the soffits to make them look a lot like your cabinets. You might check out the blog Grits and Glamour. Her kitchen has soffits like yours and she added a really neat trim to them. Hugs, Marty

  4. Her blog address is http://gritsglamour.blogspot.com. Hugs, Marty

  5. I would put the beadboard up for your backsplash. It is really cheap and we put it up in a weekend - and we're not crazy fast DIYers. It really wasn't hard and when we did it, it cost us $32. Then I would paint it white. I just think your kitchen needs the texture that tile or beadboard would supply.

    I think I would keep the brass knobs, but you need to intentionally add some brass in 2-3 other areas of your kitchen. Get thee to a thrift store and find a brass basket or pot for the counter or a brass pear like I found. Then the brass seems like it was meant to be there. It is the new in colour in hardware so you are just ahead of the curve.

    I would think about something different over the sink, like maybe a shelf with spices on them, or something displayed. I don't think I would like to look at myself in a mirror while I was doing dishes. What about some 3 different letters in different fonts that said mmm.

    I'll think some more, but in my mind the trouble isn't the white (I love a white kitchen) it is that you need some more texture.

  6. I had such a good comment and blogger ate it. Darn.
    I like the white cabinets and soffets but I think you need a little more colour on the backsplash until you decide what you are going to do there. It would help break up the white a little bit.
    Also, I would take off the knobs and spray paint them stainless steel as you have no other brass in the room and they really are quite attractive.
    A shelf, not unlike what's at the end of the counter, would look great over the sink. you could add little pops of colour without too much investment, think thrift store.
    Really though, I know nothing, you should see my kitchen. I should follow my own advice..;j

  7. I like everything that Grace suggested. Above the sink, how about some framed prints of food, like the black and white prints of cupcakes and cakes at IKEA? Or how about some framing some favorite recipes? Or some white plates with different patterns for interest? Or white plates decorated with some black letter stickers that say "yum" and "delish", etc.? Just a couple more ideas to throw at you!! Angie xo

  8. It is so clean and white, I love it now but I know that you will make it even more gorgeous. Happy Haalllowwwwwwwweeen.

  9. Love the soffits being white and adding trim that will bring your cupboards up to the ceiling. As for the backsplash, I would continue the stonehouse at least til you decide what to do ... it continues the wall colour without that abrupt break and is warmer than the white. I like the idea of a couple food prints above the sink ..... for maybe some black or rusty iron items ... that would really warm the space up til you get a proper backsplash.

    Looking good.

  10. Until you get some beadboard or tile on the back splash, I'd definitely do the same wall color as you have in the breakfast area.

    I love the idea of a cute little mirror....perhaps an ornate one with gold frame to blend with your gold hardware. Also cute would be a vintage window you could use for pictures or as a message board.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your soffits! I have 'em too, and would LOVE to get rid of them :)

  11. Hi Elizabeth! I love the direction you are going with your kitchen! I would paint the backsplash the same stone color until you can add subway tile like you said! How about if you enlarge the cow picture in your header and put it in a black frame w/white mat. OR I see you like stars like me - a black one would be nice. I had a mirror over my sink once before I got a window and it was nice to be able to see what was going on behind me BUT looking at myself not so much!!lol Black or silver knobs would look nice too but the brass would work if you add a few more brass items around the room? Good luck - I enjoy your blog! Country J

  12. I still like the mirror idea above/behind the sink. You could get a vintage/antique one where the silvering has blackened, then you wouldn't feel like you were always looking at yourself.

    I also agree that I would try spray painting the knobs. We bought knobs for the place we're redoing but didn't want to spend lots of money on hinges, so we spray painted them to match. For the cost of a can of spray paint it was truly worth it.

    I also like the idea of bring the stone color into your kitchen. I like the beadboard idea too, I have it on my extra counter and I do have to warn you, it's not fun getting mashed potatoes out of the grooves! But I still like the look.

  13. I like the idea of carrying the Stone House around the backsplash. I love the white soffit and think it elongates your pretty cabinetry! And I love the idea of a mirror above your sink. I've seen it done in many houses and with the right mirror it is stunning!

    Kat :)

  14. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for the kind comment on my blog. I adore Lynette Jennings, I think she was even around before Martha. I still incorporate her ideas into my home, and see them copied and copied as if they're original. She's the queen of decor in my book. thanks again, ps, your kitchen is divine! I love the colors you chose, Lynette would be proud

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! Let me just say...you crack me up! You sound just like me. I am the queen at second guessing myself. I think your kitchen is adorable. I LOVE your black tiered basket! I would love one like that myself. Also...have you thought about spray painting your knobs? My knobs are brass and we're redoing our kitchen now. We're going to try to repaint them before we purchase new ones. I also have a friend that bought some tin tile-like pieces that she glued (I think) around her backsplash. It was actually pretty. She bought it at Lowes. Maybe they have other options like that that will work temporarily. I "think" it was fairly inexpensive.

  16. I would definitely carry the Stone House through or go with the beadboard ideas as noted above....you did a fantastic job though, I'll be popping in again to see the finale! Thanks for popping in on my blog. Love your stuff, Lady (fellow suburban mom of 2 boys in S. Ontario ;) - Dharma

  17. I love your little dairy sign -- it is amazing!


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