Happy Thanksgiving and Fall Dining Room

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian blog friends and happy fall to everyone else. 
We are celebrating with a big Thanksgiving dinner hosted this year by my youngest sister and family. They live in our neighbourhood, two streets away. Our dad, our niece's family, my brother and his wife, who all live here in town, and my sister from Sudbury will be joining us. We are supplying mashed turnip, tons of hot mashed potatoes, buns and pies. I made the desserts, two pumpkin pies with whipped cream, and two blueberry no bake cheesecakes in graham wafer crusts. I also decided to make my usual lemon meringue using ready made graham crusts this year. Nothing fancy, just lots for everyone to enjoy.

Since we are not hosting dinner and I didn't make my pie crusts from scratch, I had enough time to add some Fall touches to our dining room. I made the simple little flannel quilt last year and used it as a table topper for fall colour and texture.

 The little pumpkin tureens were found at Pier 1 in clearance two years ago.

A friend gave me the two tier black stand as a gift for sewing for her. I like the textures of it filled with a faux berry wreath and pinecones. 

 Yummy colours!

 I will use pinecones all year in my decor, but I especially like them from Fall through Christmas and the end of winter. Ontario has so many beautiful trees, parks and forests and seeing these pinecones reminds me daily of many wonderful outdoor adventures.

Two crocheted tablecloths, ecru and white, found a spot on top of our china cabinet. I hope to find more pieces to add to my collection of vintage crochet and lace.

I placed a sweet little candle, that I received as a birthday gift from a friend at work, on a Fall coloured plate and nestled it with a small berry ring and mini Indian corn.

 A few small fall touches inside the china cabinet. I plan to replace the fake pumpkins with real minis.

 Another berry wreath on the cabinet knob, and a grubbied courting candle on the cabinet edge.

And once again, the Autumn stitching I made several years ago, and reframed, that hangs on an entry wall. I hope you enjoyed the little tour of some Fall fluffing at our home. 

I'm linking to Funky Junk Interiors' SNS. This week's special theme is window sill decor, but since the window sills are so wimpy in our builder home, I'm linking to home decor. Hope you join us over there.


  1. Everything looks beautiful and your pies look delicious!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Elizabeth!

  2. Hi Elizabeth: Your pies love delicious! It's nice that you all pitch in and share the burden of the cooking for your family Thanksgivings. I love the Fall decor in your diningroom. The quilt runner you sewed is so beautiful and looks perfect displayed on your diningroom table. Pinecones are such a lovely item to use in decorating because you're right ... it just reminds us of home! I hope you and your family and your out-of-town visitors enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving together. You couldn't have picked a better weather day! Blessings to you and yours! ~Cheers~

  3. I Love your decor! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I wish you lived closer...we could have baked pies together today. I made a couple of apple crisp pies. Yours look DIVINE as does your Fall decor. Yum.


  5. happy Canadian Thanksgiving.
    I love it all... your dining room is very inviting. The cross stitch is gorgeous too.
    Have a great day

  6. Happy Thanksgiving ... I'm having the family tomorrow ... the turnip is made, the turkey is ready to be stuffed, and my brother is bring the pumpkin pie ......

  7. Your home is just lovely, your dining room is one where I would feel so warm and cozy, I had just posted today about maybe painting my dining room furniture black, after seeing yours now I REALLY WANT TO!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pies, and man, I love the pine cones in your wire basket, I have one of those and thanks to you,I now know the next decorating project I will be tackling.

    BTW, I found your blog on Lisa's Suburban Retreat...

  8. Hello, and happy Thanksgiving!
    Your fall decorations are wonderful! and your dining room is beautiful!!!
    Very warm and cozy.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Your pies look Really good and all your fall touches are beautiful, I'm loving the little pumpkins. Now I want pie!

  10. It's too bad you didn't host since your dining room looked so pretty! Love all the thoughtful touches. :o)

  11. Hi!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! We had a wonderful dinner, and I am so full!!! What a gorgeous day too!
    Your dining room is lovely and your centerpiece is nice!Thanks for the visit to my blog!


  12. Happy Thanksgiving, would love to have a piece of pie :) Your autumn decorations are really perfect... I especially like your stitched "sampler".

    I really like your collection of plain white dishes in your cabinet. It really stands out.

    I really like your plain white drapes too. Did you sew them or purchase them? I ask because I am thinking of making some for our new project.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! Your pies look so yummy! Wonderful decor in your dining room! Angie xo

  14. So beautiful, as always! I love the quilted table cover, gorgeous colours and just perfect for fall!


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