Happy Halloween~I Found the Perfect Halloween Prop Books

Happy Halloween! We did some quick Halloween decorating today. I found some cool black books with the perfect Halloween titles to use as props-Grave Secrets and Ghost at Work.

Pumpkins, tea lights and jack-o'-lantern lights, and one of my Halloween quilts add some Halloween fun to the front porch.

We've been pretty busy with school and the new puppy, so we only did some simple Halloween decor this year.

The straw bale will be used to keep Callie the bunny warm this winter. I painted the little 'pumpkins' sign. J carved his own little pie pumpkin but the boys didn't want to carve their large pumpkins this year.

We are having snow flurries today and it is freezing quite cold so we will be handing candy and chips out from the front entry. Last year was so warm that all the neighbours gave candy out from the porches and driveways.

I made this second little Halloween quilt and use it as a tablecloth for one of the candy tables. We get close to 200 (not a typo) kids so the rest of the candy goes on a different table.

 Wishing you a safe and fun Halloween.


  1. How fun..it doesn't take much to make it festive for the holidays! Very cute!

  2. perfect books, bootiful decor...still pretty warm in Texas. Lezlee

  3. You did a great job decorating for Hallowe'en even though you are busy. It sounds like your boys are ready for power tool pumpkins, although I have to say they look great uncarved as well.

  4. What a great idea... I have one of those books and many others with "halloweenish" titles... and they are black without their dust jackets. I may have to try this one next year.


  5. Elizabeth all of your Halloween decor is so cute, and I love the book idea! We used to get lots of trick or treaters at our old house, but we don't get any at our new house, and I miss it!

    Kat :)

  6. 200 little visitors!!!!!!!

    Everything looks wonderful - I'd love a quilt like that!

  7. How fun--I was looking for your quilt. We used to have tons of kids, too. :P

  8. Hi Elizabeth ... I don't know why but I always have difficulty posting a comment on your blog! I know you don't come up in my dashboard either so sometimes I get behind on my visits to you! Anyways, here I am and I love what you've done with your front porch. I want to snuggle up under that cozy quilt and watch all the kids in their costumes! WOW ~ 200 kids! I thought we had alot with 120 - 150. I hope your Halloween was fun! Lisa ~SuburbanRetreat


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