Colour Challenge

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors invited us to link up some Colour Challenges as part of her 3000 Followers event. She challenged us to  "find something (small and easy) you've always wanted to try in a fun colour. Go ahead and just paint it! Or, find a colourful object that's just outside of your comfort zone."

I prefer to use neutrals in our home, and add in mostly blues for hits of colour. I first used this aqua / turquoise on the inside of the little pie cabinet in our kitchen two years ago. It was a nice way to add some colour without commiting too much. I liked seeing a peek of it through the glass. Still inside my comfort zone. This past summer I painted and restained our farmhouse kitchen table and chairs and decided to go with the aqua for the barstools. I wanted to paint them white but didn't want them to blend into the white cabinets. I still want to paint them white. Nice safe neutral white. This much turquoise is definitely outside my comfort zone.
This is the espresso brown before, chips and all.

The little wooden shelf unit is going back in our cold storage. This weekend I picked up two of the same shelves, only taller, from IKEA and plan to use them in that spot until I find a narrow cabinet. K, our 13 year old, is assembling them right now!

I always admire people who live with so much colour in their homes, particularly red. I'm definitely not brave enough for that. I have tried mauve and pink with blues in the 80's, yellow and green with blues in the late 90's, but I'm most comfortable with my neutrals, black and blues.

Thanks, Donna, for inviting us to share our colour challenges, and for encouraging me to use my barstools as my colour challenge. And for the suggestion of glazing. That may be next. Stop by Funky Junk Interiors to see all the links to the Colour Challenge.


  1. I love the bar stools...they look so pretty against the white and add such a nice feeling! That has always been one of my favorite colors. I have lots of strong colors in my home...red, orange, browns..just love them :D

  2. thank you so much for stopping over...it looks like we are kindred color spirits!!! I LOVE the bar stools. I have two chairs that I painted that hue, one light, one deeper. It's the pop that I need. RED? Well that would be really hard for me. I think I would and then I just can't seem to do it!!!

    Your home is lovely!


  3. Very pretty, Elizabeth!

    The reason I suggest to glaze them is, I think they take on a pastel hue as is, and that may be why you're having difficulty with them. Tone intensity is everything and often something so simple is overlooked.

    In a house of darks, a colour with abit more strength may balance the works differently. Glazing would help in that area.

    I'm now leaving town never to be found if it doesn't work out for you... LOL


  4. You're so funny. I agree with Donna on the glazing. I have quite a bit of red in my house and don't feel all that daring :).

  5. I love the blue Elizabeth. Funny, I would find it easier to do something in red than the blue but it looks so gorgeous in your house and now I'm considering painting my desk in a similar shade of blue.

  6. love it all - the stools are fabulous and the black just grounds it all on the dining set - well well done

  7. Elizabeth... you did good! :) Love the color you chose! Donna says "baby steps".

  8. I love how they came out. That color is very pretty.

  9. Oh, I just love it, way to be daring.

  10. You know I love color and I love red, but everyone is different thank goodness. The barstools look great.


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