Textiles in White

My friend Jami at Freckled Laundry is having her first linky party!
I decided to join her air your laundry friday party using photos of items I have sewn for our home using white (or nearly white) textiles.
It has been crazy here with the new puppy and this is my first chance to post since last week. I also have way too many incomplete projects to finish and photograph. I am so happy the weekend is finally here!
Now for the tour of white textiles: 
On our entry cupboard is a little ruffled runner made from muslin.
The slipcovers with ruffled hem for the chairs in our family room are sewn from white denim. The ottoman cover is made from muslin but has since been washed several times and is a lot lighter in colour and has a loosely ruffled hem. I like it much better now. The pleated pillow is sewn from drop cloth fabric and the striped one from cotton.
I used more pleated drop cloth pillows in the living room.
And two white tone-on-tone patterned pillows (in our livingroom this past Christmas. I'm working on lots of changes in here too.)
In the dining room I sewed drapes from cotton sheeting fabric with thin tone on tone stripes. It was very affordable and the double width made them really full.
On the dining table is a ruffled table runner (below, on our previous dining set) sewn from moire 'waterspot' cotton left over from my wedding dress.
I made a slipcover from white denim for a little upholstered bench. It is currently in our living room. I'm finding that I really enjoy having pieces that can be used in more than one room in our home.
The windows in our family room and the kitchen patio doors are finally united by five white curtains made from linen tablecloths that only needed bottom hems.  
Finally, a super simple drop cloth bow on a Christmas wreath. I couldn't resist adding this one. Did you know that I can hardly wait to decorate for Christmas? I could easily skip right by Halloween. Don't hate me ;)
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I use white and off-white fabrics in our home. I have plans to add more white textiles to our home, especially in our bedroom and the guest bedroom.

Edited to add Dec.27/10: I'm also joining The Drop Cloth linky party at Cottage and Vine. 


  1. I came over here by way of Suburban Retreat... I absolutely love all of the white ruffle work on the chairs, pillows, table cloth, etc. And your puppy is gorgeous! We also have a puppy and it's been a trying new experience for us...

  2. Hi Elizabeth ... how's it going with the puppy? I'm pretty sure she's keeping you all very busy! I really love your post today with all of your beautiful sewn projects from around your house. I am still struggling with learning to sew but am always inspired to continue when I see what others have created. I love all your slipcovers, pillows and curtains and especially those with ruffles! Hope you have a good weekend and can tackle some of those unfinished projects! Oh, btw ~ thanks for the tip about the horseshoe. When we purchased it I asked the dealer which was the proper way to hang it and he said it didn't matter. You are now the second person who has told me that it is hung wrong - No wonder my life is full of chaos!!!! I'll have to get that fixed! Thanks ~ Lisa

  3. Elizabeth,
    Love all of your white projects. And such great ideas to use something other than fabric from a store... really like the drop cloth idea.

    I too could skip Halloween and go right to Christmas. I do make myself wait until November 1st to start playing my Christmas CD's in my car!

  4. I love the way you mix feminine things like the ruffles with the more masculine things like the leather and rodeo pictures (I love the rodeo pics!)

  5. Hi there, this is all just beautiful, you are quite the seamstress to have done all of that and it's all lovely! I like your home, very nice! :D

  6. This was an awesome post, Elizabeth. Thank you so much. I adore all of your slipcovers, especially the loose fit, white denim look. I still need to slipcover my sofa. I'm nervous! I've sewn just about everything but a slip and I'm rather intimidated. I love that you used part of your wedding dress material to make something timeless for your home w/the runner. If I didn't have a daughter (who might want to wear mine someday), I'd be hacking mine to pieces for pillows.


  7. Wow, you have done a lot of sewing. I can sew, but don't do it much and it takes some effort to get me going on a sewing project. My favourite is your drop-cloth pleated cushion. It is still on my list of projects I would like to make.

  8. I get tired of saying this but man I wish I could sew!!! Love all the white & ruffles!

  9. I love your slip covers! But you already knew that. : )

    I could skip Hallowe'en too; I like fall decorating but Christmas is so much better!

    How's the pup?


  10. Wow! You are quite handy with that sewing machine. I wish I had just a little of that talent. I don't blame you on the Xmas thing. I can hardly wait myself. For some crazy reason I'm into over doing the decorating for each and every one of the holidays this year! That is unlike me. I'll just embrace it even though Halloween is on the lower portion of my list.

  11. Wow..you have been busy! I need to finish some projects now that I'm home from a mini vacation. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. You are great at making pleats! Tell me your secret. All of your slipcovers look great too.

    Thanks for sharing your link today!


  13. Wow, you are a whiz with the sewing projects!


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