Little pin cushion

I've been working on my hobby room for a few months now. I try to find a few minutes each day to finish little projects and find homes for my supplies. It is a slow process, and the cabinets still need to be painted, but it is coming along nicely. 
I like to sew and quilt and have way too many pins for my one very sad little tomato pincushion. While I was sorting through things I came across this little cross stitched piece I made many years ago that needed to be finished off. I thought it would make a cute pincushion. I sewed and stuffed it and now it sits beside my machine. It works so much better than the hard little tomato!

On a recent trip to St. Jacobs, Ontario, I bought this pin cushion pattern and fabric kit to make a watermelon pincushion. We are into weekend 4 of 6 fair weekends so this larger pincushion will be for another day. The little cross stitched piece will work well for now.

P.S. If you are a friend of Pat from Back Porch Musings, and had trouble finding her blog, you will be happy to know that she is now on Typepad. You can find Pat here: http://backporchmusings.typepad.com/


  1. This little cross stitched piece is just perfect for that...happy sewing! :D

  2. That is so cute. I used to do counted cross stitch but I don't see as well as I used to, so don't do it anymore.

    I came by to give you my new blog address. The Back Porch vanished, last Tuesday, for a couple of days. While it was gone, I decided to switch to Typepad.

    Hope to see you there!

  3. Your pincushion is adorable. We did the Brampton Fair yesterday. There was a large turnout even though the weather was questionable. Hope you had fun!

  4. How nice to have a room all your own for your hobbies. The little pin cushion is so cute! Enjoy your space! :)

  5. How adorable is this? I love it. I love to cross stitch and always have a little project in my purse to work on at the Doctor's office or somewhere!
    Can't wait to see your room!


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