Hook Up Your Hutch Party!

I'm hooking up to Jennifer Rizzo's Hook up your Hutch Party! 
I love our dining room hutch. I had always admired the rustic pine hutches in a local country store. I wanted one to go with our Mennonite pine table and chairs we bought with wedding money (18 years ago) but they were always out of my budget.
I found this distressed black solid pine beauty on kijiji from a local lady who had bought it at the same Country Mile store that I frequented. She was moving overseas and I got it for a steal. It is so well made and the shelves are very strong. The drawers are dovetailed and double fronted.
I love seeing it from the front entry filled with my beginning collection of white dishes and vintage linens.
The little plaster impression piece was made by our youngest at an art studio and is very special.
In the kitchen we have a smaller hutch to hold my Cream Lace by Skye McGhee collection and some blue and white pieces (it is arranged differently now though.) It was plain pine but I painted it Cloud White (BM) and a mistint aqua back in 2008.
I've been searching kijiji and craigslist for a large, but shallow, hutch for this wall. I would love to store all my baking items in it. In the meantime, I plan to pick up a pair of taller shelf units for storage on my next trip to IKEA (when I find the perfect large hutch I can always reuse the inexpensive shelving in our cold storage room.)
Now I'm off to check out the other hutches at Jennifer's Hook up your Hutch Party

*** My Welcome Fall post is below. They both conincided and were scheduled for the same day.***


  1. Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by my new blog...and the sweet comment about my furniture. Love your hutch post, the small cream one is so adorable! I love how you use dark and light colors together in your decor. I look foward to stopping by again soon.

  2. I have a hutch that is similar to your kitchen one, in terms of color combo and the interesting thing is I was thinking of painting it black like your DR one!

    Lovely! Esp with the blue/white dishes!


  3. I love your black hutch Elizabeth. I think I'm going to sand off some of the paint from the small cabinet in the breakfast room. I love that look.

  4. I love the white china contrasting with the black hutch. Was that the one you were painting this summer?

  5. I love your hutches! That sweet little white one just captures my heart! Thanks for linking!

  6. Your black hutch is just great. I love the pine contrast! The white and teal is just gorgeous too! I love seeing how everyone is displaying their hutches!

  7. Oh, Elizabeth!
    Both hutches are gorgeous!
    I do so love the dark wood and black together!
    And how you added the green wine glasses to the top shelf to carry the color of the kitchen (other spaces) in there!
    And the white one reminds me of the one I have in my kitchen, only the inside is sage green.
    And your is much prettier--
    I would never have thought of pairing the aqua with the cobalt/royal blue dishes, but it is truly stunning!
    Pretty pierced creamware, too!
    You have quite a flair!
    It's all yummy!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    You home is so charming!
    Blessings to you, sugah!

  8. Both of your cabinets are fabulous... And, I LOVE Ikea.. I was just there a couple of days ago. I'm amazed at all of the great pieces they have now.

    Warm blessings,

  9. Thanks for taking thyme to stop over from the hutch party!! I love seeing how everyone decorates theirs. They are all wonderful!
    Happy Painting!

  10. These look great! I love your kitchen eating area--so cute and homey! Thanks for visiting a dash of parsley!

  11. Oh both your hutches are stunning. I love all your gorgeous dishes and such pretty linens too. You do have them arranged so beautifully too. Hugs, Marty

  12. Love your black hutch!! Kijiji is great for finding wonderful things. Everytime I see something I like, we just don't have the spare cash at the time, lol. I also love your dishes and linens. I'm trying to find a nice spot for my linens that we have that were passed down from family. Hope you have a splendid weekend!

    Cheers, Trish

  13. Dear Elizabeth: Love the large hutch in your diningroom. Does it ever command attention in that corner. What a focal point! How precious your son's handmade impression piece is! Those are certainly your most valuable collectibles! Your cloud white hutch is beautiful too! Both pieces are great places to store and display all your china and linens. That is something I'm lacking in my household. Take good care.

  14. Love these..that little white on is so cute! :D

  15. Gosh love your hutches!!!the color palette are gorgeous!the room decorated so well!love the way you photograph too the shots as well!outstanding pieces of collectibles!thanks for sharing with your wonderful blog..inspiring indeed!

  16. Soooo pretty! Love both hutches (& your blog) and can't wait to look around more!
    Happy fall,

  17. Love that white cupboard with the blue inside. I'm going to make one like that when I get the time, thanks for the inspiration.


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