Gray Ektorp at IKEA

I've been visiting lots of blogs where folks are falling in love with gray and white. Did you know IKEA now has Ektorp slipcovers in Gray? (or am I just slow in realizing this.) This would solve the 'white gets dirty' problem so many are worried about.
 I hope you are enjoying the Labour Day Weekend!

Edited to add: Gray wouldn't work in our home, and although it is not my favourite, I thought I would share this with those who are trying to incorporate more gray in their decor.


  1. I would love to get this sofa - love the style, love the colour! Wouldn't it look fab with my new lower cupboards. Not going to happen as we have wedding, university, and travel plans. Oh well, can't do it all.

  2. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish that we had an Ikea in Las Vegas. Maybe I'll wish upon a star...

  3. No, you're not alone - I haven't even had my hands on the new catalogue yet.

  4. I almost bought that sofa at ikea b/c there are so many colors to change too.
    Instead I bought a red one.. same style, but fuller and the ikea covers won't fit it. Bummer.

    Grey and white are so pretty.

    Have a great week.

  5. I love the Ektorp sofa. If the sofa I have ever wears out, that's what I'll get.

  6. Hi, thanks for your visit. I have not warmed up to gray myself but these covers sound like a good idea! :D

  7. I am one of those Ikea deprived people as there is not one close by to where I live. This gray slip cover seems like a wonderful solution.


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