Barnyard Bash

Today I'm participating in the Barnyard Bash at Happier Than A Pig In Mud.

We've been crazy busy here, and I haven't been able to take new pictures of farm or barnyard decor accents in our home, but I thought I would share some pictures I already have. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.
Cows and horses are well represented in many accessories in our home, including this scene I stitched several years ago. I recently painted the frame and mat to update it for our family room.
We have lots of horse art and accessories, and even a cowboy themed Christmas tree.

We are a 4-H family. I'm help out as a Rabbit Club leader, and our oldest son is in four 4-H clubs:.
  4-H Rabbit Club (Calli, a pure bred Californian, and yes her eyes are RED.)

Cows, cows and more cows. This photo reminds me of the stitching above our fireplace.
 4-H Beef Club
4-H Tractor Club
4-H Dairy Club
We live in town in a subdivision, but both our boys would rather be on a farm and hanging out with tractors and animals. We have fairs for the next five weekends. Have you had a chance to enjoy some fall fairs?
Be sure to stop by Happier Than a Pig in Mud to see the rest of the Barnyard Bash entries.


  1. Those 4H photos are really cool, Elizabeth.

  2. Elizabeth, the 4-H is great! So nice to see the animals and your cross stitch is beautiful! Ornaments and Christmas trees are a weakness of mine, and I'm lovin' your cowboy tree! Thank you so much for joining the Barnyard Bash:@)

  3. I love your 4-H photos..REAL animals...fantastic. :))
    Awesome Christmas tree....
    xo bj

  4. Great pictures! Love the one where the cow is looking over his shoulder. :-0 So cute. I have a fondness for cows. LOL

    Have a lovely weekend!


  5. We're going to a local fair tomorrow--the Bethlehem State Fair in Connecticut-and I can't wait to see the cows! Linda

  6. I just love the cows...trying to figure out how to get one in my postage stamp suburbian backyard ;)

  7. Great pics to share today. The bunny is adorable and the cows are awesome. I lived on a dairy farm when I was young. I still love cows.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Great 4h photos!! I love everything on this post.
    : )
    Have a barnyard happy weekend.

  9. I am in awe of your gorgeous stitchery. Everyone has to click on it and see it up closer. I love to cross stitch but have never taken on such a huge project. You should be proud. It is amazing.

    I wish we had had 4H when I was growing up, but we had scouts and ballet.

  10. Hi Elizabeth, love your photos, and your blog. We live in a small rural town in New England and we are also lucky enough to own a small cottage in Maine - I love both places! Saw your post on VT Cottage about gray hair and wanted to tell you about a tip, go to a hair stylist school, they color your hair for cheap! I've been going for about 3 yrs., the students are almost ready to graduate and they are supervised by a licensed stylist. The savings, well I was paying $105.00 now I pay $30.00! If I want a hair cut it's $7.00! When you have a moment please stop by and visit my new blog, if you like it please "Follow." Thank you, I enjoyed my visit today!

  11. Thanks for stopping by! Love all your pics!
    And your Christmas tree is gorgeous..the cowboy hat on top is genius!!!!

  12. A lovely farm market out our way just bought 4 cows from the 4H group. They talked about how brave these young folk were to raise these animals all the while knowing they would have to give them up. Realities of farm life.
    Lovely home decor you have. Good taste.

  13. Thanks dogsmom! I made it many years ago, but still love it to this day. Back then I didn't know I would have a son one day, and one who totally loves cows and everything farm.

    Stef, I would love one too, but we also have a very small suburban backyard. The rabbit cage fits, but not a cow, or chickens, or goats, or turkeys or any of the livestock our son keeps trying to convince us to get.

  14. I'm your newest happy follower. http://moogieland.blogspot.com/

  15. What fun! I just love 4H and all the hard work and happiness that goes with it.

  16. Hello Elizabeth!! Just came over to see your blog..got so involved, I had to scroll down and read a bunch of your previous posts! LOVE your pics of your home and your family. We lived on a small farm before moving north. My girls, and husband, and especially me had tons of animals! We loved it. I'm your newest follower.

  17. your home is so welcoming and cozy! I LOVE the cowboy tree!

  18. Elizabeth,

    It's great that even though you live in a subdivision your son can participate in all those live stock clubs and events. I like your needle point work and cowboy Christmas tree. Do the boys have boots by the fire place instead of stockings?

    Your Friend,

  19. Love your stith-ery! And 4-H is such a great program, it's really big here in this farming community too :D

  20. Wonderful, fun photos!
    I love 4-H, it's such an important program.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Big hugs,

  21. Hi Elizabeth: I hope you were able to enjoy your fair this past weekend. We weren't able to attend but do try to get to at least a couple in various local communities. I absolutely LOVE your cowboy tree! Very original.

  22. I am sooo loving that tree! Gorgeous!

  23. LOVE that Christmas tree.

    We can never find wonderful decorations like that here in Ireland .... plenty of cows though!!!!

  24. Boys and farming just go together. It has been so good for our 3 sons to build a small farm. Regardless of whether you live in the country or not, it looks like your guys are learning responsibility and having fun along the way! What could be better?


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