Playing at the Farm

Summer holidays are nearing an end for us but we squeezed in another visit to our relative's farm.
Our oldest spent the week working with the cows, going to auction, and lots of other farm activities. K is all about cows.
We picked K up and spent some some time enjoying the perfect summer day.

Our youngest spends most of his time on the tractors. J is all about machines and trucks.
Mr. Blue Clear Sky and I spent time dreaming of owning property in this township, where many generations of his family have owned farms.
Hopefully we can squeeze in a few other end of summer outings.


  1. Looks like you're having fun with your new camera, great shots! Um, do you think you could sneak me a cow? : )

  2. Beautiful photos, Elizabeth.

    Friends from in town and St Louis and their families always enjoyed visiting and helping at our farm. As hard as farming is, and it is hard work, it is extremely satifying.

    When we were at our Dr appointment a couple of weeks ago, the assistant was having difficulty drawing a little blood from one of J's fingers. He told her she might have to try another finger since that is one he badly cut with a corn knife when he was a kid. You should hear the litany of injuries he had while growing up on the farm...but you know, it is all part of that way of life. J has never had a regret and neither have I. Plus, we have lots of stories to tell.:-)

  3. Looks like a fun visit was had by all at the farm. Can't wait to see all the furniture you're working on!

  4. I love cows, being raised on a farm...and that is a bunch of good looking cows! ;D

  5. Love the pictures of the cows! When I first got married I collected everything to do with cows! LOL Everyone knew it so they kept buying me more and more, till it took over, ha ha. It was fun though. They are just so cute, and of course i could never eat one. :-)

  6. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I have had some fun tonight visiting your blog and reading past posts. I love your home and the love you put into it! Angie xo


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