Busy Painting Furniture

I've been busy painting furniture and although I should have been done by now, I am nearing the finish line. My inspiration is an unfinished pine cupboard I painted Cloud white and aqua in 2008, black Windsor chairs from Ethan Allen and barstools from Maine Cottage in Porch finish:

Image Left: Blue Clear Sky          Image Right: Ethan Allen
Above image: Maine Cottage in Porch

My favourite paint is BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paint & Primer In One. I use a brush and it goes on so well, and hides previous colours too. I love their selection of colours and that the paint is just the right consistency. Not drippy nor too thick.
I've been using lots and lots of paint in black, white and a pretty aqua.

My good friend gave me a farmhouse table and four chairs that I love and I finally got the courage up to paint the wood.

It has a great table that needs the top re-stained but is very solid and has extensions for the ends.
By painting I can unify two different pairs of chairs with slightly different finishes. It was very hard to make the first brush stroke, but I love the results.
I'm also painting tall bar stools for the breakfast bar that I bought off kijiji for $45 for the pair. The espresso coloured finish doesn't work with the other pieces in our home but they are the right height and very sturdy. Some aqua paint will fix that problem (I was going to use white but the cabinets are white and the bar stools would 'disappear.')
Also on the paint 'hit' list is a little bench found for $3 at a yard sale that needed to lose the checkerboard and heart cutouts.
Can you tell that I tend to start several projects at once? Hopefully I can fit in some more painting around calf shows and summer activities, and show some finished projects soon. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I want to come and work on projects with you! You really know how to get things done and you do a beautiful job! I am so glad you showed off your cool painting. Anne

    Happy weekend!

  2. Wow, you sound like me! Starting so many things at once, lol. What kind of paint did you use on your chairs? I recently did my kitchen chairs with a black melamine paint and oh do I ever regret it :( I think I need to redo them with a flat black paint that isn't so gooey. At least you have had some cooler weather to do your painting in. Can't wait to see pics of all your finished projects! Have a great weekend!


  3. A project I hope to take on in the fall (BACK TO SCHOOL anyone?) to paint the dining room chairs and table bottom black or cream (still deciding!)

  4. When you're done can you come and paint my table. It is next on my list, but may not get done this summer. I'm excited to see how yours turn out.

  5. Good luck with it all..I know it will be beautiful! :D

  6. Oh, dear!
    You are leaving us in suspense just like I am leaving everyone in suspense about my kitchen re-do which, through my twists and circumstances, was finally completed YESTERDAY- 2 months after the "due" date--ugh.
    I will be posting this week about that.
    I can't wait to see your "new" dining room!
    Hugs, and I'm sorry I haven't been around- busy summer, like you've had!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to see how everything turns out!

  8. Wow, you're undertaking some big projects, but they'll look great! That EA photo is one of my favorites, I love the black chairs!
    Thanks for adding the Barnyard Bash Party to your side bar, it should be a lot of fun:@)

  9. It's going to be wonderful Elizabeth! I love all the pieces you've shown here.

  10. Look forward to the update on your painted projects. Love the black chairs.


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