Bakery Sign

Our kitchen table and chairs are very close to being finished. One more coat of Verathane on the table and some dry time and they will be ready for photos. My arms are still a bit sore from using the electric palm sander to get the old finish off the table top!
While I had the palm sander out I finished my bakery sign. I just used a plain piece of pine, 29" long x 9" high. The letters were printed out on the computer and traced, then painted.  I was inspired by an old sign in a bakery in a town we passed through recently. I'm thinking I got a little carried away with the palm sander and should have stuck with my sanding block. The wear looks a little too intentional in spots.  What do you think? Should I try to fix it up, or just leave it?
I'm planning to hang this sign on the kitchen wall behind our table. I still need to find the perfect shelf unit to store all my mixing bowls, measuring cups etc. I almost bought a buffet and hutch, but our eat in area of the kitchen isn't very wide and I realize now that I need something tall and with a narrow depth. Something like a bookcase or shelving. This sign will hang above it.
The big pine armoire in the background is a recent kijiji find for $75. Heavy, solid pine, four doors and  crown moulding. I think it needs a nice distressed white paint job. The old 3 drawer chest the sign is standing on was stripped of it's finish by the previous owners. I'm trying to decide between paint, whitewash or just poly protection. I would love having your opinions.


  1. I may need to copy this idea for my kitchen!

  2. Cute!! LOVE the black on white. I'd personally suggest to take a palm sander and run it evenly overtop the entire sign, but don't linger too long too evenly if that makes sense. You'll get a truer worn look that will fade in with what's already there.

    Very cool!


  3. Love it! I agree with Donna's comment, although, we both know what the lazy girl in me would do..:)

  4. Your sign is soo cute. If you look at my blog. I just made me one that reads "grocery" I was inspired by a little grocery store I saw. I really love the bakery idea.

  5. I love your sign. I think you did a great job and it's inspired me to try something similiar. I've purchased a couple of signs now from Etsy but the idea of doing it yourself is so much more appealing. What a GREAT deal on the armoire.


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