Baking and Plans for the kitchen

I find baking to be more enjoyable than cooking and enjoy keeping my family supplied with cookies, tea biscuits and squares.
A few years ago I bought these great glass canisters to hold my baking supplies. I find it convenient to have them on the counter top but I'm hoping for an even better solution. I would like to find a narrow, tall cabinet or wire shelving unit to put between the breakfast counter/open shelves and the pie cupboard near the patio doors. The shelf could also hold baking pans, the mixer, and measuring cups. I could use a basket for special tea towels and free up limited drawer space.
You may have noticed that I stopped the new paint at the cabinets (Benjamin Moore Stone House and Cloud White.) I have plans to beadboard the backsplash (covering up the yellow) and add trim to the bulkhead above the cabinets. First I need to borrow my nephew's compressor and nail gun. It is a slow process, but I'm happy with the changes to the kitchen so far.

On the cake plate are my whole wheat tea biscuits. They taste fabulous hot out of the oven (I always try to deliver them to my sister's home still warm), and are even tasty warmed up for breakfast.

The boys and I went for a drive this afternoon to Erin, Ontario.They agreed to stop at Holtom's Bakery if I let them prowl around the Case, New Holland and Kubota tractor dealers first!
The biscuits in the photo below are from Holtom's. They are so light and airy! I would love to find a recipe for this type of tea biscuit.
Hopefully I can get motivated to start on the trim and bead board in the kitchen soon!


  1. Not sure if you have Lowes stores in Canada, but we purchased some nice wire racks at Lowes here in the U.S.


    It comes in a three tier or a five tier, very sturdy... I use them here in my home office and love them.


  2. Hi I love this! Love your baking area and that you bake for your sweet family. I love to bake too! It is wonderful making cookies for the kids (college age now) and listen to them ooh and aaah because they love them so much!
    I can almost smell your goodies baking in the oven!

  3. Your kitchen is looking wonderful. I like your idea for wire shelving.

    Baked goods look delish!

  4. Very chic kitchen! I think your plans will look great once completed!!

  5. I like the glass containers on the counter. The bead board will be so nice, adding a lot! :D

  6. Yum, love tea biscuits! I've never had whole wheat before, now that's something I should try. Love the big, glass canisters, I hate having to pull everything out of the pantry.


    PS. I love to bake too! : )

  7. yummy yummy i love it when my auntie brings over freshly baked goods, but i love baking with her more!

  8. Thanks, Clare. I love baking with you too.


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