A Walk in the Woods

It was rainy and cooler this weekend but that didn't stop us from going for a walk in the woods.
We drove up north on Saturday and spent the afternoon walking in wooded lots surrounded by farmland. We had misty rain on and off all day and I had wet jeans to the knees and wet feet, but it was so worth it.
Lots of bug spray too, although the bugs weren't too bad.
 I hope you had a chance to be outdoors this weekend.


  1. Sounds lovely - just to get out for a walk. We were busy, busy all weekend but did get out gardening a bit today. I actually like walking in the misty rain, not so much walking in real rain.

  2. Sounds like your weekend was great. Hope you're having another good one this weekend. laurie

  3. I did, but it involved work, your adventures look much more fun!

  4. Sounds like so much fun! I was outdoors, but gardening, which to me is a great pasttime!

    Thanks for dropping by and entering my giveaway - good luck!

    And it IS great to come across fellow Ontario bloggers! I'll be checking back often!


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