Hydrangea in the Family Room and an Earthquake

Today in Ontario we had an earthquake and later this evening we are expecting heavy rains, thunderstorms, potentially damaging winds and hail.
Luckily, throughout the large area of Ontario affected by the 5.0 earthquake this afternoon, there were only reports of trembling and objects moving but no reported damage. I was at work (on the ground floor) and felt the computer and my chair shake slightly. With the heavy rains we had earlier in the week, and the heavy rains and winds expected tonight, I decided to cut some hydrangea and bring them in. I added some to the old sap bucket I scored at a yard sale this spring for $1, rusty stars included.
You might remember that I bought the white slipcover from IKEA, and it fit our family room couch almost perfectly. I had switched the living room leather couch with this white slipcovered one in the family room, but now they are back in their original spots. I decided I would rather live with two boys and having to wash the slipcover in the family room often, than have two boys destroy eat on my favourite leather sofa. The leather is happily back in our living room.

I sewed all the pillows and pick them up off the floor move them around often. I still have to finish painting the TV nook and a favourite stitched piece's frame, and then I will post pictures of the other side of this room. I'll be needing ideas for the mantleless fireplace wall.

 I also moved the blue denim slipcovered chair up from the basement TV room. One more week of school and I can concentrate on finishing slipcovers for the other chair in the room and the dark brown ottoman.

This is the end of the family room, with two sets of windows on the family room side, and patio doors on the kitchen side. My plan is to one day cover the popcorn ceiling of the cathedral with beadboard. I hope to practice on a smaller area in the basement stairs ceiling this summer.

Hydrangea are one of my favourite flowers and I am so happy that the bush has so many pretty blooms this year.

Just some fun shots in Photobucket.

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  1. The hydrangea are gorgeous, Elizabeth! All your photos are wonderful.

    I've only been through a couple of earthquakes..small ones. We are north of the New Madrid Fault line that runs south of St Louis to the bootheel of MO. At least I think that is how far it runs. One earthquake was in the late 60's when my two older children were tiny little girls. That was a "pretty good" one. The others have only been very small.

  2. Elizabeth your family room is looking fantastic, and I have to say the green hydrangeas are my favorite - yours are beautiful. So weird to hear about an earthquake in your area, but glad to hear you are alright.
    Sounds like your getting our rain, we've had so much of it out west and today we finally have fun.

    Take care,

  3. That room is so pretty and inviting! LOVE the hydrangeas!! (an earthquake and storms - wow)

  4. Gorgeous hydrangeas. I felt the earthquake too - which I was very pleased about as I have always wanted to feel one, a small one mind you so it wouldn't be dangerous. This one was perfect.

  5. I felt it too; we get them so rarely here that you're mind doesn't want to believe that it could actually be an earthquake; we all thought it was someone on the roof of our office building!

    Your hydrangeas are beautiful; I'll be a lucky girl if the ones we received for our wedding last year bloom like that in the next few years!

    I like the slipcover, alot! I'll have to check out the supply at the Ikea near here!

    Stay dry tonight! : )


  6. What a day for us as well. Our school had 2 evacuations today (not because of the quake) and then the earthquake. We're 3.5 hrs north of Toronto.

  7. Elizabeth, it is all coming together so beautiful!! I love the whimsy touches of the oar and ruffle pillows...great job. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite too...so pretty! Enjoy!


  8. I have a Hydrangea and I live in ontario! (just fell upon your blog today) Question, what do you do to your hydrangeas, because my blossoms are not opening? and yours are gorgeous-as well as the rest of the room!

  9. Your family room looks great and I love the hydrangeas .

  10. Gorgeous blooms! I love how you picked them green. What a cool idea!

    Glad your earthquake wasn't too serious. Nothing eventful going on this side of Canada.

    Your home sure photographs well. It's lovely!


  11. Hydrangeas are my favourite too. I don't have any bushes here at the new house ... but I have dried ones in my bedroom. Lovely.

  12. I was just watching the news and they were showing live footage of your earthquake and then I clicked on your blog...Crazy :) We have had a lot of them here lately, not a fan of them.
    Thanks for the tips on the bed, love your flowers!!!

  13. Love the wonderful color of your beautiful hydrangeas. So pretty, and your room is gorgeous. I use to live in LA, so I do know about earthquakes. Can be really scary. Hugs, Marty

  14. Your hydangeas are so pretty and the slipcover does look like it fits perfect! Double score!!

  15. An earthquake? Goodness. I've never experienced one of those. I didn't think Canada had earthquakes. I hope everyone is safe.

    Your room is looking lovely...the white slipcover and hydrangeas make it oh so beach cottage!

  16. Wow, so glad the earthquake didn't do any major damage! I was in an earthquake once in California and didn't even realize what it was until a few minutes after it was over!

    I love your beautiful hydrangeas, your slipcovered couch, and the gorgeous pillows you sew...very pretty!

    Kat :)

  17. Wow, that is a stunning arrangement. I love hydrangeas, too. Hoping to get a few bushes in the ground soon, but Im a little nervous! I don't know much about planting and keeping plants alive! lol

  18. I'm glad to hear that the earthquake was a small one (thank goodness!). I'm so sorry to hear that there's been tornados in those other areas of Canada...hope, hope, hope, nobody was hurt!
    Your family room is lovely...very cozy and beachy feeling! I love the idea of putting bead board on the ceiling. It will add a lot of charm and character to the room. Can't wait to see it when it's done! :)
    Love the hydrangeas, BTW!
    I hope everything settles down over there for everyone.
    Take care ~ Jo :)

  19. This room looks so inviting. I am envying your lovely hydrangeas. I'm assuming you are all "okay" since you have a later post.

  20. Very cute...what a statement to get a white slip cover with boys...I have two and would take the same risk...hey we only live once...why not adorn our furniture in white WASHABLE fabric...I too love Hydrangeas...have you ever made a wreath with them? I have a great way to make one and would share if you are interested...many blessings to you.

  21. I must have missed some posts. Your slipcovers are gorgeous. That entire room is so pretty and the hydrangeas are the icing on the cake.


  22. Your room looks WONDERFUL! I love it! The new couch is beautiful! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers! They are beautiful in your bucket. What a great deal, too!

  23. Love your family room...and I really like the oar on the wall too.

  24. Love the paddle and your whole living room! I want white so bad but with 2 samll kids and a black lab, it is not to be. YET. haha




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