Cows, cows and more cows

I was inspired by a post from Kristin at Faded Prairie to share our family's love of cows.

Hubby was raised on a small farm and I was raised in a small city. When we married and bought our first home in the same small city, our home reflected my love of cows. The more cow-themed items the better! We had cow canisters, cow wallpaper borders, cow fabric curtains, cow everything! Over the years, the cow themed items have drifted away. Only a few favourites remain.

But now the inanimate cow decor has been replaced with the real thing (one our son owns and the others generously lended by farmers for the shows.)

Our oldest son, now 13, must have inherited B.O.D., as Kristin calls it. Bovine Obsessed Disorder. Last year he researched and joined our local 4-H Club. We live in town, not on a farm, but 4-H people are welcoming and encouraging. Truly a great bunch of people. The 4-H Program is an organization of leaders building leaders. They pledge their Head, Heart, Hands and Health as members of community based clubs to "Learn by doing." Last year he joined our local Dairy Club and Beef Club. This year there is Dairy, Beef, Rabbit and Tractor Clubs.

He saved all his birthday money and Show and Fair winnings to buy a Holstein calf (the muddy one) that he keeps on his uncle's farm, two hours away. We are very proud of this young man with the big dreams. The boy who falls asleep at night reading stock brochures and farm manuals. We are also proud of his little brother, who goes along to all the barns, fairs and shows and is his brother's biggest fan. We often hear them discussing the land and the tractors they will own one day. Boys with big plans amd big dreams.

The school year will soon be over here and this will allow us more time for all the activities. It will also give me more free time for projects around our home. As soon as I repaint the frame, I will share one of my favourite cow themed items, a stitched piece, that I saved from those early homemaking days. This girl with B.O.D. will also be keeping an eye out for some unique pieces like those Kristin has collected.

I'm linking to A Few of My Favorite Things Saturdays over at Laurie's/Bargain Hunting and Chatting With Laurie. I found Laurie's blog, back when I first started blogging, from her comments on two of the first blogs I visited. Be sure to stop by a see her great blog and all the party link ups.



  1. Elizabeth, Your boys are so cool!!! What a great opportunity for them. I had no idea all the different 4H opportunities and clubs that were available until we started attending a lot more fall fairs the last couple of years. It's great!

    This post gave me goosebumps, it is so wonderful to read about your sons and their B.O.D. : ) So sweet.


  2. Hi!
    The muddy calf cleans up nicely! :)
    What a great obsession to have!
    There are a few cattle pastures around here, and we always slow down to watch the "babies" because they are SO cute!
    Good for you, letting him live his dream!

  3. Wonderful post, Elizabeth.

    Our eldest daughter was in FFA. She joined just a year or two after girls were allowed in. She raised pigs. We had them at our place. Our niece and nephew showed steers while they were in FFA and 4H. We spent many a hot July night, in the show barn, at the fair.

  4. HI Elizabeth! Hey I'm right there with you. What would we do without washers? What would we do without mud boots. My daughter and I laughed at some girls who came to our house (dressed in white) in a white new hummer. They came to buy a registered lab puppy. ONe of the girls who looked absolutely perfect said "there is so much dirt out here." Hahahahaha....I said 'funny thing, we have washers and dryers here in the country just like you do in the city." Hahaha....
    We get dirty and then we get clean!!!
    Great post.

  5. What a lot of work, getting that muddy cow show-ready. Your son shows such dedication from such a young age - very impressive.

  6. Elizabeth, what a great post! What a wonderful undertaking by your son. He is obviously a very determined and dedicated young man. This was a great post and perfect for Favorite Things Sat. I am so glad to know that there are young men out there who are willing to do the work that is required to live their dreams, and that there are parents out there who are willing to encourage and help them to live their dreams. Congratulations to all of this B.O.D. family. (love that term! Thank you so much for being such a faithful blog friend. laurie


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