My Free China

By finding my sister a dining room set, I scored 12 place settings of china for free!

My youngest sister is my best friend and unlike me is not at all into home decor. I help her with almost all decorating decisions, and I usually paint and organize their home too. She is always joking about how my home is never the same from one visit to the next (they are our neighbours as well, so visits are frequent) and that is sure true! After seeing some of the great deals I have found on kijiji and craigslist, she asked me to watch for a Mission Style dining room set for their home. I came across a great dining set deal a few weeks ago, and we went with them for the appointment and pick up. The couple selling the set offered the china for free. My sister has her mil's china and gave this to me.

Twelve 5-piece place settings of  'Diane' pattern by Japan China. It has blue flowers with tan and silver accents. I'm sure it is not overly expensive, but I won't panic using it either. The set is only missing one teacup and saucer. I love the colours and delicate pattern.

Hoping you are having a great weekend, and if you haven't entered already, there is a link in the top of my sidebar to enter the Cottage Charm giveaway {closed.}


  1. What fun!! Happy for you. You know, this china looks like the china I had when I first got married. I hardly ever used it and got rid of it many many years ago. I think mine had blue and pale accents too in the mix. ??

    Can't wait to see your tablescape.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Well, it doesn't get any better than that does it?! I'll have to keep my eye out for a cup and saucer in that pattern when I'm out thrifting! ; )


  3. Ho nice of you to help your sister with her decorating! I look forward to seeing the reveal.

  4. Beautiful china, I can't wait to see your tablescape. Sounds like you have a great sister.


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