More collecting for the patio

Galvanized containers and wrought iron candle holders have joined the farmhouse table on our patio.

I'm awaiting cut flowers to fill these containers.

I also need to find an old bucket to replace this planter, below. Something a little more rustic. The butter board was $10 at a garage sale. I picked up the pair of watering cans for 50 cents each!

Perennials blooming in our garden this week are irises and Solomon's Seal.

We cut down a bush that grew into a messy tree and still need to do some weeding and add soil and mulch to our perennial beds. What outdoor activities have you been working on?


  1. Hi!
    Your patio is going to be so beautiful!!
    I am dying to see it finished (hint hint ;)
    I posted today about what I'm up to outside!
    Sorta the same thing as you, sorta. kinda.

  2. Your garden pictures are lovely and I am sure that your patio will look great with all of your special touches. You seem to be great at finding good deals. I guess I will have to look a little harder and more often. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We got our veggie garden planted, but you knew that! : )

    Great deal on the watering cans! I've been keeping an eye out for those myself, I need to start hitting garage sales now that my Sat am's are free.

    This weather IS crazy, you got that right. I gave up last night too. I wanted to wash the cars but after watering the garden by hand from the pond, I was plum tuckered!

    Relief is in sight! Have a good day!


  4. I just love the stars hanging off that tin!

  5. Elizabeth... thanks for your comment on my tractor wheel!

    Love what you gathered for your table! I love metal!! Beautiful flowers... my irises have already come and gone... wish they were still blooming!!

    Kendra @ Creative Ambitions

  6. Found You Elizabeth:))) Love your patio! So pretty~I am going to try and get my area worthy;))



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