Backyard Progress and S'mores at Night

We spent time this weekend working on our backyard.

I found a farmhouse table and 3 chairs on kijiji. The table has a center insert that makes it nice and long. Hopefully a few coats of poly will protect the finish. I was able to get the primer and a light top coat on two of the chairs but it became too windy to finish the project. The little folding chair on the end was $1. 

I went to quite a few garage sales Saturday morning and found some great deals. I found two watering cans for 50 cents each and three blue Crown mason jars with glass lids to add to my collection, for $1 each. I love the ripples and bubbles in the old glass.

K., our oldest {13}, Keeper of the Fire. We bought a fire bowl and had our first fire of the season. We needed the fire that night! Brrrr!

J., our youngest {11}, Eater of the S'mores. Of course we had to make S'mores. Tasty!

So far I have only sewed the two pillows below. Lots more sewing projects to go. And plants to plant. Those IKEA pots on the little table in the background need to be filled. And weeding the perennials. We only have a small yard, but you wouldn't know it from the amount of weeds still to pull. I'm hoping to get more done this week, but we have roller hockey and 3 different 4-H Club meetings this week. Are there ever enough hours in the day? Our backyard is not even close to finished, but the changes we have made so far sure made our Saturday evening more enjoyable. Our small space is becoming an outdoor room for our family to enjoy.

Have you had a chance to enjoy your outdoor spaces this year?

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  1. Great farmhouse table. S'mores..yum...

  2. Hi Elizabeth!
    You are starting the transformation of the patio, how awesome!
    You just might end up with a little girl walking on your table! Then you know you'll be done.
    If I were at your home the evening of the s'mores, I would have been dubbed Eater of the semi-burnt marshmallows!

  3. Oh yum! What a great Do It Yourself project. You are a clever and creative gal.

    I just completed a project that took 23 years. Come take a peek.

  4. Great finds Elizabeth! We haven't spent much time outside, relaxing anyways, and they're calling for more rain this weekend. Drats!


  5. What a cute blog- so glad i found you- and so far away- funny , your pic of your older son reminds my of my son who is 14 almost 15, and how excited he would be to do that- love the smores idea- oddly it is rainy here in northern ca- so i guess we will wait a bit longer-
    Just became a follower- look forward to seeing the table finished-


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