More Backyard Inspiration

Lots of time was spent this week searching the internet for more ideas for our patio seating and dining. The weather is beginning to warm up and I need to get busy getting our backyard ready for summer.

image:Country Living

I love the photo above. It is no secret that I love Muskoka chairs (aka Adirondack). Love them. A few years ago we scored a croquet set for $2 from a neighbour's garage sale. No little croquet stand though. I'll have to get creative.
I posted about some plans for our new patio here and here. This is the fabric I will be using.

Blue Clear Sky

This banner would be a great way to add some fun and colour to our small backyard using the leftover fabric.
I'm still searching for an affordable wood table and some mismatched chairs to use as our outdoor dining set. This past weekend was pretty cold, we even had snow flurries, and I could only find 3 garage sales in town.

image:Country Living

 I picked up a galvanized watering can from Canadian Tire for $8 and already have a bunch of small galvanized plant pots. I like the large galvanized bucket in the photo below.
 image:Country Home

More of the mismatched chairs. I like that these are both white and brown and that there is lots of seating.

image:Country Living

Another white pergola {SIGH} and I love the rustic look of this table, below.

image:Country Living

The chandelier is great, but if I found a beauty like that it would be IN the house. No way would I put my first chandy outdoors. Love the old table used as a coffee table.

image:Country Home

Some of my tulips bloomed today and we raked the front flower bed. I need to get busy and find some dining pieces to paint. We got an offer on our sectional outdoor sofa. It was only one month old and we were offered more than we paid for it (we bought it on sale towards the end of the season.) After much thought and discussion, we decided to accept the offer, and the new owners picked it up today.
Hoping you are having a great week!

Linking up this week to Melissa at The Inspired Room's Inspired By party.


  1. Hello my Canadian friend. I love the photos you've chosen here. I would entertain everyday outdoors if I had a fabulous outdoor space like any of those. Love the fact that you profited off of your last years set. Good on you! I hope you have fun picking out something new and wonderful. Can't wait to see what you choose.

    I just noticed the photo of your ensuite - it looks eerily similar to mine. What can I say, good taste I guess! I'll post photos soon!

  2. Elizabeth, you did a wonderful job gathering all these fabulous inmages of backyard perfection! Any one of these ideas would be welcomed in my yard. So lovely! I will be looking for a post from you about your summer outdoor decor.
    What a great blog you have!

  3. Congrats on selling your sectional! I LOVE your inspiration pictures.

  4. I love all of your inspiration photos and your fabric is so beautiful!! I think you just gave me the idea I need for my patio table. I need a new top for it (the legs are from an old Singer sewing machine) and I hate the cheap Walmart chairs I have. I think I will make my husband make me two of those benches you show in a pic.
    Did I say I would make him? Well, that sounds so bossy! I will make him meatloaf first and then "ask" sweetly!

    Have a great day!!

  5. Congrats on selling the furniture. Who knew you could make money flipping outdoor furniture! : )

    I would love a pergola in our side yard with vines growing through it to use as a dining area in the summer, something like they have in Tuscany. A few years to go yet, but those photos are great inspiration. I love the banner too, I hope you make one! I like the galvanized pots and I picked up a great old copper pot last week at Goodwill, perfect for potting herbs or flowers outdoors.


    PS. The Artist hasn't scanned the pattern yet, he's been making good use of this warm weather to clear debris, rake, level and seed the areas destroyed by the septic installation. What a mess, I can't wait for it to be done.

  6. Ooh! I cannot wait till it warms up for you so we get to see what you do!
    Are you gonna let children walk on your table, too?
    Snow flurries?
    It's Spring, right?
    Blessings as you decide whether to wear a sweater or shorts!

  7. Boy oh boy did I love each and every photo that you shared. I'm hoping that this year we are able to put in a back deck or a patio so I'm busy dreaming up great new looks too. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. What fantastic inspiration photos. I have been looking and don't find it easy to find good inspiration photos for what I want to do. I love the feeling I get from those photos - cozy, casual, comfortable.

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate your sweet visit and that you are following along as well. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get over here. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring. I adore the outdoor photos. ~Lovely.

    *Blessings & Smiles* ~Melissa :)

  10. Love your post Elizabeth & your backyard is going to look AMAZING...I can tell from the glorious photos you're inspired by!!! I'm soooo happy your fabric flower got to you safely & that you like it, they are so much fun to make...I just love them. I'm here in supposedly sunny CA & it snowed here last night...when will it all end please??? Bring on the SUN!
    Have a Great TGIF,
    Smiles Friend,

  11. Such great inspiration. Love all the white, but it would be sooo dirty in my yard. Hope it continues to get warmer.

  12. Love your fabrics and your inspiration pictures.

    My lilac bush is just about to burst into bloom. Huge flowers this year. It's nice to have some early blooming shrubs.

    I was out in that snow storm last weekend ... sun ... snow ... sun ... funny weather!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love pergola's as well. Hoping to resurrect one on our patio someday. I love your fabrics too. I need to hit Joann's and search their outdoor fabric soon. There are so many great selections. I always love that blue and green combo. Have a great day!


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