Easter Decorating Around Our Home

I thought I would share a few photos of Easter decorating around our home this year.
This table display is in our living room. I added the basket, sign and pink bird I won in the giveaway hosted by Chris from Just Beachy and sent to me by City.Cottage
I hope to one day fill this wall with a bookcase or cabinet but for now my little stool holds some favourite decorating books.
A children's bunny tea set in our kitchen. I accidently dropped the Easter storage bin several years ago and broke the snack plates and napkin rings but luckily everything else was fine. My kids and nieces and nephews have enjoyed having tea in this little set.
Hoping you all have a great day.


  1. Very sweet bunnies and little tea set. We still have a few tea sets around as well, although no Easter ones. What fun memories you have associated with it.

  2. How sweet, Elizabeth!!
    Love those eggs in the basket!
    Is that a ruffled pillow on your sofa/loveseat?
    That is gorgeous, too!
    Can I come have tea with you?

  3. I meant the eggs in the bowl! Goodness.

  4. What pretty decorations, and such a sweet little tea set! :) How precious!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  5. very cute easter decorations...new follower...off to see more...

  6. Your Easter decorations are sweet. I really like your pink bird and bowl full of eggs. I collect rabbits!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


  7. The tea set is so sweet. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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