6th Photo Blog Game

My friend Grace from Sense and Simplicity has asked me to join in a little bloggy game. We are to post the 6th photo we ever posted to our blogs. So here goes:

I sewed a white denim slipcover for a little ottoman I was given. No  pattern, just pin and pin and tuck and the little ruffled skirt was added. One of those pieces that is easily moved from room to room in our home, it was then in our bedroom and is currently in our living room. I know some people, like me, love white denim slipcovers, and some are really against them. They work for us, even with our kids and their sports and farm activities, nieces and nephews and greats too. It washes like a charm, too.

Thanks, Grace for the invitation and for being such a great bloggy friend!
Now I need "to pass this on to seven other bloggers so they too can look into their files and show us their 6th photo and tell us its story." It was fun looking back to discover what photo the sixth one actually was. So, if you have the time, join the fun! No pressure of course:

Andrea at Rural Revival
Cynthia at ITTLDO
Sharon at Sharon at Home
and last but not least Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage
Of course if your name is not here and you want to join in, go ahead!
Happy Weekend!


  1. What a neat picture Elizabeth! The white slipcover looks great.

    Thank you for thinking of me for this one as well. I'll have to see what mine is. *Smiles*

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, that was fun! My post is up. : )


  3. That is such a sweet cover for your ottoman. Isn't it funny how things move around the house - it shows you have versatile furniture.

  4. Hi Elizabeth! Beautiful job, especially without a pattern. I love the ottoman cover. White slipcovers are my favourite:)

  5. Elizabeth,thanks for stopping by my blog and for your good ideas on how to pass the time in a rental. I so appreciate the input!



    P.S. Your blog looks lovely...I'm looking forward to coming back again and again. :)

  6. VERY cute ottoman. I recently ordered a cotton duck fabric to recover an armless settee I purchased from Craigslist. I say that like I know what I'm doing...I don't, but makes for a great learning experience!

  7. Hi!
    I slip-covered my love seat in this same fabric- it DOES wash up so nicely, doesn't it?
    Some new visitors to my home actually laugh and tell me that white would NOT be for their home.
    But, I laugh back and ask them if they like living with goodness-knows-what living in their fabric?
    I love knowing when to wash my covers by the the dirt and stains they may get.
    SO, I love your sixth picture very much :)
    Have a blessed day making your home!

  8. Great little white slipcover. I hope I can make one someday.

  9. I love white slipcovers and your sweet ruffled denim one is perfect for your ottoman! Really pretty!

    Kat :)

  10. Elizabeth,

    I admire your sewing skills. Is it like riding a bike? I used to sew as a child and haven't in many years. You inspire me to try again.
    I invite you to enter my giveaway!



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