Wilderness Lodge at Disney World collage

Our family had a wonderful trip to Disney World in the summer of 2008! It was very very hot, humid and fairly rainy, but we had a trip to remember. We flew to Orlando and stayed at Wilderness Lodge. The Lodge was wonderfully themed and we loved being in the Lodge as much as the parks! The pool and grounds of the resort were some of our favourite memories. We spent a week at Wilderness Lodge while visiting the parks.
I've been playing with Picasa trying to improve my photos. I have an inexpensive camera and I'm hoping to learn to create better photos until I get a new camera. This collage was created in Picasa. To edit photos do you use Picasa or something else?
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  1. As you know, I'm in the same boat as you camera wise. I like Picasa for editing photos but I'm not too crazy about their collage function. I tried it a few times but went back to Photoscape for making collages. I'd like to give Piknik (I think that's how you spell it) and give it a try.

    Wilderness Lodge sounds and looks really fun!

    Enjoy another sunny day in Ontario! : )

  2. I'm a die-hard disney fan! Love the collage :)

    I have a $150 digital camera, and just use Picasa editing. Works for me. I did take the time to really learn about all the functions on the camera, which took a long time. I"m still learning!

  3. Thanks for your visit to hill country house! I loved the Wilderness Lodge when we took our kids there - it really did feel like we were at a lodge at one of our great parks in the West!

  4. Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I usually use Photoshop for editing photos, but I've been fiddling around with Picasa lately. I don't do as much editing as I should!

  5. I have an inexpensive camera as well but have been totally blown away by how much Picnik can improve my photos - they can change colour, tilt (if the horizon is crooked), sharpness, put a frame around them etc etc. Most of it is free on-line as well. You should give it a try. Mind you, I haven't tried Picasa yet.

  6. Hi Elizabeth! That's a typical summer here, humid and it's our rainy season. Springs are the best. I have just started using Picasa for my header. I like that it has a lot of fonts. I also use photobucket and have started experimenting with tints on both of them (I have a cheap camera, too).


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