Vintage Blue Bottle

I found this wavy blue bottle and was reminded of the Pottery Barn bottles.
Our bottle is 19 inches high and we paid $5. I still need to scrape off the old Strawberry Wine label. The blue glass is very similar to some old blue mason jars I have collected over the years. When I finish some new kitchen shelves I may bring the jars down from our ensuite bathroom and display them in the kitchen.
Pottery Barn offers these vintage wine bottles from $99-$279 and they range in size from 12-22 inches high. I think we got a deal ;)


  1. whoohoo - gorgeous --- I think we have a matched set! great color....are you gonna fill it up or keep it empty?

  2. Wow-great find! I love blue glass! I love finding stuff that Pottery Barn sells for way cheaper!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. That's quite a big difference in price there and yours is just as nice!

  4. I love those blue bottles and jars - I'm going to be looking for some this summer at antique shows and thrift stores.

  5. I love that bottle! You can buy those new all day long, but I've never seen one that color. Great find!

  6. Luv that large blue bottle...great find! Thanks for coming to my NTT party...hope you had a good time:)



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