RRROLL -ing into Spring

I always look forward to this particular sign of a long Canadian winter coming to an end.
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Image:BlueClearSky/our home
The Tim Horton's RRROLL UP THE RIM TO WIN cups and contest are a sure sign of spring approaching. For those not familiar, Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee and donut chain with over 3500 locations across Canada (and over 500 stores in the U.S.) Each year as Easter approaches all the Medium, Large and XL hot drink cups change to contest cups. The chances for prizes range from free coffee to many chances at $10,000 and 40 chances to win Rav4 vehicles this year.
 In early winter I look forward to this holiday cup as well, anticipating the approaching Christmas season and lots of early mornings at the hockey arena.
Canadian classics: Large double double, hot chocolate and a maple iced donut.
But, by this time of year I have had enough of early morning hockey games and practices. Warming up the car and scraping off the frost and snow (okay hubby and the boys take care of that.) Making sure the automatic car window isn't stuck with snow or ice so it will open at the Timmy's drive-thru. Snowy, icy or slushy roads. Salt covered cars.
I need spring!
Now if only our snow would melt and it would warm up some more.
Image: From My Front Porch in the Mountains
Misha at  From My Front Porch in the Mountains is having a fabulous giveaway! The spring items are beautiful and have special meaning to her. Be sure to stop by her blog soon.


  1. Hi Elizabeth
    Even though we haven't had as much snow as you or those on the east coast or even on the western side of our state, I am more than ready for spring.

    Your coffee and donut look good!:-)

  2. go canada!!!!love tim horton's..and i heard we r warming up by the end of the week..

  3. Nothing says Canada like a maple donut with a Tim's!

    If this sunshine sticks around, I don't think we'll have much white stuff left by the weekend.


  4. OK, now I am craving Timmie's...We are die hard addicts and the closest one is just over an hour away...JEALOUS!!! LOL!
    We usually drive in once a week, first stop we make...:-D


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