I Love Slipcovers

I have made several slipcovers and really enjoy them in our home. Below is our living room (which I will soon ask for your help in changing!) where three of my most recent slipcovered pieces are.
I have two of these chairs that I am in the process of slipcovering (one is almost finished, I still need to add a skirt). My slipcovers are not perfect and do not have fancy details, but they are functional, strong and really update our furniture.
This ottoman was sturdy but not my style. A simple white denim slipcover with a ruffled skirt made it work for us. Now I LOVE it! I don't mind freak out when our guests or boys put their feet (or food!) on it because it washes up so easily. It is in our living room right now (also see top photo)
but it could be used in so many different places.

This blue denim slipcovered chair is in our basement tv room. I like blue denim but it is actually harder to keep clean than white slipcovers. Normal wear and tear can fade the denim unevenly. Rubbing at stains too hard fades the blue denim while white denim or duck can be cleaned more aggressively.

Our home has our own boys and lots of visiting nieces and nephews, great nieces and great nephews and our kids' friends. We also LIVE in our home. Our get togethers are large and spill from room to room and the food and sticky fingers travel with us. Slipcovers help me not to worry as much. Better than that though, they really freshen up second hand furniture.

Does a tablecloth count as a slipcover?
I made this table covering for a friend and when she changed her room around she gave me the tablecloth, the refinished table and two matching chairs and many of the accessories she had on top! This piece moves around our home too. At the time of these photos the table was in our family room (former yellow walls) hiding a basic filing cabinet but is now in the bay window area of our bedroom.
  Our family room used to have a couch and love seat I slipcovered in blue denim. Those were the first slipcovers I had ever made. I remember bringing home 18 metres of denim and taking days to get up the courage to cut the first cushion cover. I used hook and loop velcro to close the seat cushion covers because I wasn't brave enough to use a zipper. 
Our old living room couch had a khaki twill slipcover I made to cover an outdated pink and blue rose pattern. The khaki slipcovered couch is still going strong in my niece's home with their two young children. So, do you make them, buy a slipcovered piece or find someone to make them for you?
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  1. Very nice, Elizabeth. I wish I knew how to make slipcovers.

  2. Hmmm? You have TX style to that living space...I love it!!! Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...
    I wanted to invite you over to meet Poor Pitiful Pearl, my slipcover I made...Hope to see you there! Meme

  3. Elizabeth, They look great! I would really like to try making one for a couch. Once, I master the sewing machine, that is. ; )

    Happy Friday, and wasn't yesterday beautiful?!


  4. Your slips are beautiful!
    I have SLIPITIS also!

  5. Elizabeth,

    You read my mind. I was just considering slip covers when I popped into your blog! I have to buy mine because I am not as talented as you are. These are beautiful. Great job!


  6. Wish I knew how to make slipcovers and had the patience to do it. Sure, Elizabeth, a tablecloth should count as a slipcover. It covers an object and slips right over it! I've even used the word in a blog, Slipcovers for Your Walls, which is about removable and reusable wallcovering...Slipcovers!

  7. You are a sewin' fool! (Here in the South, that means you sew a lot ;)
    And, yes, I think a table skirt qualifies as a slipcover!
    I love the slipcover on the velvet bench at the foot of the bed. The ruffles are adorable!
    You have a new fan in South Carolina! :)

  8. i love that you said the dark denim is harder to clean than white! it's so true! you can just bleach a white slipcover! love your slips! fantastic job!

  9. They look great! Everyone keeps saying how easy white is, but I am still scared to have it in my home. Come join my weekly Slipcover Show-off party.

  10. Hey, another Canadian gal! Great job with the slipcovers, I love all the white!

  11. Your slip covers are beautiful! I'm trying to get my courage up to do this myself.

  12. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my mantel. I LOVE yours too! I love seeing more pictures. I was looking all over the web for photos of mantles over couches and just couldn't find many! People just haven't figured that one out yet! Hey, you're a trend-setter!!


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