Chunky Crocheted Granny Square Throw

I love the texture and warmth a hand knit or crocheted throw can bring to a room.

Chunky wool helped these seven-round granny squares work up fairly quickly.

I chose a granny square pattern because they are easy to travel with. I added several rows for a border.

This is a great throw to keep in our family room. We also have an off-white ripple afghan, that I won at a church bazaar a few years ago, that matches this new one nicely. They look great folded over the arm of a chair, or rolled up in a basket. We have a strong pattern on our family room seating and I feel that the solid, light colour of these afghans gives my eye a place to rest. They are also super cozy for snuggling!

I'm linking to Cottage Instincts' Make It For Monday.


  1. I agree that the plain coloured afgans look best. That one is lovely. What a lot of work.

  2. That afghan is gorgeous! So bright and cozy looking.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I agree that afghans are soo cozy! Beautiful job. :)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and all your great comments! Come back soon!

  5. I love it! its beautiful- I really wish I could make stuff like that.

    What are your plans with it?

  6. Great job on the afghan! I love the white. They add such comfort and charm. I also love your vintage bottles. I've been on the look out for some of the ones with the galvanized tops, but have yet to find a deal. They are looking to get $10-$13.00 each for them here. Way too much! ENJOY!

  7. Elizabeth, It's beautiful! I'm almost done the hat, yay! Then the next pattern in my beginner book is a granny square pattern. Can't wait!


  8. You have so much patience. I do not have the will power to stick with chrochet!

  9. Your throw is beautiful! I tried crocheting once and it didn't work out very well! I do have a lovely crocheted bedspread that my grandmother made, I treasure it knowing how much time and effort went in to making it!

    Kat :)


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