So Proud That We Won Gold!

We are so very proud of this young man!
Alexandre Bilodeau has won the first Gold medal for Canada in Vancouver! He has made history by the first Olympic Gold on Canadian soil. Within moments of his victory he honoured his brother by saying "my brother is my inspiration'.
Image: CTVOlympics.ca
Way to go Alexandre!


  1. That was so exciting to watch, and to see such a great young man do so well, makes me even more proud to be a Canadian.

  2. I loved seeing Canada win Gold. The story is beautiful. I actually had tears in my eyes when he won. Happy tears!

    Congratulations Alexander and Canada!

  3. It was a moment to remember forever. To see him tear up when discussing what his brother and his family means to him made my heart swell with pride even more. What a classy guy!

  4. Congrats to Canada! Great job on your first home field gold.

  5. It was a proud moment, wasn't it? I loved the opening ceremony as well.

  6. It couldn't have been won by a nicer guy! Go Canada!!!

  7. OH, Canada!! your native son is quite the boy!!


  8. That really is such a fun accomplishment to be the first to win gold for your country in your country! Congrats!

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