A Ruffled Skirt Office Chair

My hobby room projects are getting done one by one. I changed the fabric on this office chair several weeks ago, but added the ruffled skirt to give it a little personality.

Below is the chair when we were given it {free!}. It functioned well but the arms needed a good cleaning and the gray fabric doesn't fit in our home. I unscrewed the arms and gave them a good soapy scrub and they cleaned up well. I picked up some black denim with a bit of stretch in the fabric for $4 a metre. The seat and arms were unscrewed and upholstered with a staple gun. 
The back of the chair would not unscrew easily so I made a bit of a slipcover and then used the staple gun to close it at the bottom.

Part of making over my hobby room involves sorting through fabric and organizing my supplies. I also want to update a few things I already have. I decided to take the time to hem and gather a long strip of the fabric and hot glue it to the chair. This project cost less than $8. Not bad for a free chair.

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  1. This is fabulous!!! Oh the ruffle is just so sweet sweet sweet. I've covered an office chair at a previous office in cow print material before. It was a hoot!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  2. Not bad for a free chair at all! Love how you made it your own with the skirt.

  3. Now that's what I need in my office! It would make me happy every day I took a seat!

  4. What a cute little idea. I'm fixing to be recovering mine and this give me great inspiration.

  5. oh cute! the basic black skirt, just what every office chair needs ...hey! I think it even looks slimmer.


  6. What a wise makeover, so functional and cute.

  7. Love the ruffle skirt office chair! It is so gorg!!!

    Bon @ Drab to Fab

  8. Great job on the chair, it looks so cute! Just found you...

  9. The ruffle is adorable! You made that chair fabulous!

  10. Cute! So much more personality!

  11. Oh my! What a cute makeover!
    And quite a bargain at just 8.00. :-)


  12. It looks great, I love the ruffle. I'm planning on doing this with my office chair too!

  13. Great to have this chair back again! It's a real stunner!


  14. What a great idea! I love what you did with the chair. The pillow is pretty too. Such a pretty space.


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