Cottage Style Today

I love the pretty simplicity of cottage style. The simplicity of white and slipcovered furnishings, beadboard walls or ceilings and the pretty little accent pieces.
The blue in this cottage room (from BHG's "Cottage Style Today" feature) is very similar to the blue we used in our basement guest bedroom. We have added a few more rustic touches in keeping with our love of farms and western elements, but I think the feel is similar. Well, it will be when we replace the grey wall to wall carpeting!
I have enjoyed some recent posts from a few of my favourite blogs about pampering your guests with personalized trays of hygiene items they may have forgotten. We are fortunate to have a whole guest suite in our basement (that we originally made as a suite for my parents.) It is still a work in progress as we take out the kitchen and update the flooring, but for now we have the luxury of a large bedroom, full bathroom, tv room and exercise area for us to spread out or for guests to enjoy. It is a real luxury having a bathroom with all the little necessities our guests may need during their stay.
It does have a great shower, but unfortunately not this awesome tub or light from the window! I so love the beautiful beadboard.
Our sitting/t.v. area in the guest suite is not as roomy or bright as this great space. But I do have some of the feel with signs, unique pieces and and homemade touches like quilts and pillows. When we get around to replacing the flooring I will be sure to post pics of our basement guest space. For now, we and our guests will continue to enjoy it, with a few tweaks here and there of course!

All images:BHG


Happy 4th of July to my American friends!

Wishing all my American blogging friends a wonderful 4th of July!

We love to travel in both Canada and the U.S. and have plans to visit many more U.S. destinations. Our goal is to visit every state and province.

Enjoy your day and weekend!


~~Happy Canada Day~~

Today, July 1st, we celebrate Canada Day. The Americans separated from British rule in 1768, and celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. Canada waited 100 years later, until 1868, to create the "Dominion of Canada". The basis of Canada's celebration is founded on the formation of a new country and the union of provinces.

We will be celebrating with a BBQ with Fireworks. I plan to make this cake to add to the festivities.

Looking forward to checking out fellow bloggers' 4th of July celebrations.