Winter Fun

While I may at times dream of warmer weather, I like to be reminded of why I enjoy the change of seasons and weather we experience here in Ontario. Even winter.
 Winter driving to and from work, even just to the grocery store, can be challenging some days. And what were we thinking when we chose my vehicle with leather seats. Rock hard frozen, morning, noon and night until the seat heater warms them up. Especially during the cold spell we just had. It was so cold I was inspired to knit a hat and four scarves in 2 weeks. Right after I bought a new black parka. I  keep a coat in the car for emergencies, but normally drive to and from work in a hoodie and insulated vest. But I bought the parka and have had to wear it more than I care to.
Our kids love when we get fresh snow. When we haven't had a lot of accumulation, like this week with the milder temps, they really enjoy when we travel a bit further north to visit family who live in the 'snowbelt'.
At our local park toboggan hill my kids wear snowboarding helmets and goggles (after a run in with ice two years ago), but on their cousin's gentle yard slope, no helmets needed.
We also spend several hours a week at the arena. Both our boys, and my niece, play hockey.
Family skate at our local arena is fun too.
We are really looking forward to following the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC in February.
On tv...in our nice warm home...in front of the fireplace...
Now if only I had a huge mudroom for all the wet boots, winter sports equipment, smelly hockey bags, and piles of coats, snowpants, mitts and hats. Oh, and really cute hooks for my new scarves. Have a great week.


  1. Hi again, Elizabeth...it's Billie from creeky hollow farm. I just wanted to let you know that I went all the way back to your first blog post and I really enjoyed reading it. I can identify with what you said about the different blogs and styles. Thanks for sharing! I

  2. We're looking forward to the Olympics too. Sure hope they get some snow out in BC! Come to think of it, I sure hope we get some too. The temps have dropped here this morning, hopefully our pond will be freeze up again soon. It was a giant puddle after the rain yesterday!

    Have a good week!

  3. Hey!
    Im such a zombie...Im sorry about that link at my Coastal Nest for the sale furniture, got it fixed and thank you so much for notifying me..
    We are all hyped up for the Olympics, they are in our back yard!!
    Too bad we cannot afford to take the family, it would be a trip of a lifetime!!!
    Keep on bloggin, sister!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a little behind on my blog return visits.

    I'm really looking forward to the Olympics as well. Here's hoping for lots of medals for the Canadians.

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment, Elizabeth! It has been a hard adjustment trying to find work after being in demand in Calgary. I have looked into homecare but have to come up with the $300-$400 to switch my license over first. Our little community of about 1400 was built as a company town, the mill shut down, and it's half a ghost town so there isn't a whole lot of demand or money here. It's over an hour away to the next nearest gas station. LOL
    The trials and tribulations of a Mountie wife. ;-)

  6. That is so funny. I live in Ark., and we don't often get snow, but we've had about 6" on the ground for the last 3 days. I just said, "if I lived some place where there was a lot of a snow, I would want a place to keep wet boots, because this few days of wet boots by the back door has driven me crazy! Your snow looks so pretty. Looks like the kids are enjying it. I want to see the scarves you knitted. Stay warm. laurie


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