Love this hallway gallery

This hallway gallery really appeals to me. I love how the frames are snuggled so closely together. Having the frames all the same colour with similar mats, along with the muted colours of the prints makes it very cohesive. The different frame styles and sizes make the grouping quite interesting. The hardwood with all that beautiful white trimwork has caught my eye today too.

In our upstairs hallway though, I think all that glass would be sporting quite a few fingerprints. Not to mention getting knocked about by stray hockey pucks and mini sticks. What, they aren't supposed to play hockey in the house?!!! As for this hall, found here, a girl can always dream!


  1. That is a beautiful arrangement Elizabeth!

  2. Oh, I LOVE that hall. I really like artwork hung unexpectedly high and low; but, you're right, it would be difficult to maintain with children.

  3. Your comment reminds me of the Cheaper By the Dozen movie where the kids where playing hockey in the house--I laughed so hard--I have 5 kids and though I didn't experience hockey, had lots of other stuff happen. Maybe in a few years...

  4. I love that look too!
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