Cozy projects for a cold winter day

In the quiet moments post Christmas, between the guests and loads of laundry, I have been doing some stitching.
I finished knitting a super thick and chunky, warm and cozy scarf. Today I started a coordinating crocheted hat, Peruvian ski style with ear flaps. Yes, ear flaps. Not high fashion, but definitely warm and cozy.  Our winters can be very cold and snowy. We spend a lot of time (often at 6 a.m.) at hockey arenas and at the toboggan hill, so warm hats and scarves come in very handy. The colours I used are Oatmeal (natural beige with strands of chocolate and black) and True Black, both Wool-Ease Thick & Quick from Lion Brand. The hat will have an Oatmeal edging and tassels to tie the two pieces together. I love the chunky texture and flecks of colour in both. I'll show the finished hat very soon, but please forgive me if I'm not wearing the hat in the picture. Depends how dorky it looks.


  1. Love that yarn! It's great to sit and just stitch away on a cold day!.

  2. Looks great, Elizabeth, I could use one of those hats... keep warm!

    P.S. I sent you a couple emails through your yahoo account a few weeks back, did you ever get them, or is that account not working?

  3. Gosh I wish I knew how to do that! I guess I will just stick with the laundry for today...hehe. Have a great New Year my friend~

  4. Jen, I sent you an email, I'm definitely joininy your New Year's party.

    Susie, thanks so much, the scarf is knitted with the easiest of stitches, I could walk you through it if you want. Way more fun than laundry!

    Julie, I found the emails in an old account, and I sent you a couple of emails. With our temps here in Ontario today, I'm glad I finished it today and got to wear it to the boys' hockey games. Today -4 C or 28 F

  5. Love the oatmeal and black combo...and the chunky yarn makes them look super cozy...I could sure use a hat with flaps right now...cuz it's a chilly 7 F degrees....Brrrrr. Have a wonderful New Year!


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