Looking for more Cowboy/Farm ornament ideas

I'm doing a bit of Christmas decorating pre-planning and hoping that I can get some ideas to add to our cowboy/farm inspired Christmas tree. These photos are from last Christmas (I didn't blog then.) If you are looking for an update to this tree, see here.

Cowboys, farms and most things western and rustic are very special to my family and myself, even though we live in a suburb. My husband grew up on a farm, his parents and relatives still farm, and our oldest is very active in our local 4H dairy and beef clubs. This past Christmas I was inspired by mysweetsavannah's Cowboy Christmas tree she did for her son's room. I quickly pulled together some ornaments for the tree in our living room. The boys and our guests loved it, but it feels a little bare to me. (The rifle is a toy our youngest brought back from Disney World. The worry about the airports and customs is a whole other story.)
I thought to use the lariats wrapped around the tree, but my boys actually practice with them so I left them in the old tool box at the base of the tree. This year I plan to add more ranch/farm decorations, as my boys spend hours planning for their 'one day' farm. They also have tons of collectible cows, horses and small tractors and I may just try to convince them to let me use the animals and tractors on the tree this year. Any more ideas? I would love to get some suggestions. Something to use as filler or in place of traditional bows? I'll look for unique decorations when we go to the 87th annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto this week. I have two of these cowboy on his horse. 

I made the mini lariats/lasso at the last minute and should probably make some more this year.

I pulled this tee pee out of the toy box. I used white lights, my favourite.

I Loooove stars, especially barn stars.

An outgrown leather kids belt and some rusty ornaments.

 I thought of using an inexpensive saddle blanket as a tree skirt, but I do sew if you have any other ideas. I would love to hear them! Thanks to Donna for hosting!
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  1. I think the saddle blanket for a tree skirt is a great idea!!

  2. Elizabeth,
    Off the top of my head my suggestion is to add red bandanas. You could use them whole or cut them up and use parts of them. Cutting them using pinking shears would keep the look rustic. They could be tied in knots or floppy bows or strung together to make a garland. I think you could also tuck in bunches of dried babies breath to create a fuller look.
    Thank you for offering to add my button I will add yours to mine.

  3. Elizabeth,
    Here is another idea. What about buying several boxes of candy canes and hanging them around the tree.

  4. Ok this post got me wanting to drag out all the Christmas stuff!

    Adorable idea! For a no sew solution, what about just some burlap for a tree skirt? Rustic and charming at the same time.

    Love it, girl!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS #4!

    Funky Junk Donna

  5. What a fun tree! I thought of burlap also, but maybe wrapped around the tree like you did the beads. In my head it's cute anyway! Good luck!

  6. What a darling tree!!! Love it!!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving that thoughful comment. My though to add a little natural color contrast is to get some small bunches of wheat and tie them with raffia and lay them on the branches with the heads facing the tips of the branches. It's really darling. I think either the saddle blanket or burlap would make a darling tree skirt.
    teri @ a crafty clan

  7. I like the bandana idea. Red ones would look so cowboy Christmas-y.

  8. How clever to use the hat as a tree topper. I think the tree is great, and I love the idea of a saddle blanket for a tree skirt, and someone else's idea of bandanas (or even small strips of bandana fabric) tied on the limbs. I was recently at a yard sale and saw the cutest little baby cowboy boots that were being sold for 50 cents. I didn't buy them, because I could think of a use for them, but wouldn't they be cute on a cowboy themed tree? laurie

  9. Awesome tree. I found the burlap ribbon at Wal-Mart. I think it was only .97 a yard. I think I ended up buying 10 yards. Thanks for the visit.

  10. Hi Elizabeth!! LOVE your tree - trust you have yours up already this year too. I'd love to showcase it and YOU (link to your blog) on Copper West (http://copperwest.ca) Please let me know if you're interested. Hope you're having an amazing day. Seasons Greetings.

  11. OMG I love it!!! My 4 yr old son would be in complete awe as he is all things cowboy!
    Just discovered your blog and love your style and home, I also live in southern ontario.



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