Ten Tasks in Ten Days~~The Results

I joined the Shabby Chic Cottage's Ten Tasks in Ten Days Challenge and ten days are now up. It is time to reveal how far I got on the ten tasks I wanted to complete. The canoe paddle was sanded and distressed and hopefully has the aged look I was going for. And yes, I forgot the before photo but it was clear wood and highly laquered.
I printed some numbers that represent our anniversary. And as two of my nieces so kindly pointed out, 725 is not only July 25th, our anniversary, but apparantly also a brand logo for Wal-Mart. I hand painted the numbers and they looked even better when they were distressed.
The second project was to make some pillows with two fabrics for our family room. I'm always picking pillows up off the floor several times a day but love the detail they add to a room. I chose stripes for two other pillows.

The coffee table project was two items on my list of 10. Sanding was done mostly by my 12 year old son. I used leftover Benjamin Moore Fresh Start to prime it and then it was painted with two coats of Benjamin Moore Black (a $15 mistint can that has been used on many projects.) It will probably get one more light sand and another coat of black, but my painting was interupted by Thanksgiving dinner for 30.
I like how it turned out, we have a lot of black in our home, even in the wild couch fabric print.
This fuzzy mix of greens scarf I started to knit two years ago is finally finished. It is shorter than I wanted but I think I misplaced a ball of wool. The brown scarf I knitted is peeking out from under my arm in this photo. When I attempted to take a photo of it, my useless camera ran out of batteries AGAIN.
I finished the drop cloth drapes for the family room and hung the curtain rods in the family room and kitchen but with no batteries, I was unable to post the photos.
 Two projects out of ten left to finish. Previously I had sewed dining room drapes but have not found a rod at a price I can tolerate so they are almost ready to go. We need to hang the peg hooks in both boys rooms for extra hats and their lariats. Be sure to drop by Shabby Chic's Cottage to check out many more Ten Tasks in Ten Days results. Thanks for stopping by and I would love if you could take a minute to leave a comment or suggestion.


  1. The coffee table looks great! What a good idea.

    It's funny you asked me about my camera because I forgot to mention last night that I too pine for a new Canon or Nikon. My weapon of choice would actually be Nikon D70 just because it looks cool but I think I'll have to keep wishing for now. My current artillery isn't anything too fancy, I use a SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W130. I try playing around with the different modes on it but I still have a lot to learn with it before my husband will even consider letting me move up. I have to agree with him! I used to have a Canon digital camera that ate batteries like they were going out of style. The Sony has a rechargeable battery which is soooo much better. It lasts much longer and I can now cash in my Duracell stocks!

    Be well! ~Andrea~

    PS. Love the scarf too!!

  2. Wow!! Good selection of projects to conquer! Well done too. I really like the black coffee table!

  3. Good job. Lovin' the coffee table and numbered boat paddle.

    Thanks for the Etsy encouragement.

  4. Great job on your list. Your living room looks wonderful. I love that oar, so Pottery Barnish looking!

  5. Hi Elizabeth! I just wanted to come by and say thanl you for that sweet comment and for your prayers for Mrs. Jane. I talked with her daughter this afternoon and she made it through surgery and was back on her room. They should let her go home in the morning! Thanks again for all of your sweet prayers. Susie~

  6. Wow Congratulations on all you completed . Everything looks great. A funny comment though was that both my daughter and I had a feeling that the chesterfield was floating in the picture. I suppose it's resting on the floor and we were expecting some legs.

  7. Sandy, I think it is the first picture you are referring to. It is just a bad camera angle. That is a black table in front of the couch that you may have mistaken for the floor. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Congratulations on all your completed tasks. I love the black table and the oar looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the oar and the coffee table looks great in black! Thank you for visiting my blog. I really like your ideas and will be following yours as well!

  10. Elizabeth,
    I really like this wall arrangment! The paddle was a nice element to bring into the mix, two thumbs up!

  11. Ten projects in ten days is a HUGE undertaking! You did great - I absolutely adore your paddle with its numbers.


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