Procrastinator's Party: The After Party

My family room coffee table project for the Procrastinator's Party at The Inspired Room is finished.
I started with a free table left over from a neighbour's yard sale. It was sturdy but although my style is a little rustic and I love rustic wood, the orangey coloured table was not what I had in mind. Our 12 year old son loves power tools and home improvement projects. He offered to sand it and I was hoping to get down to bare wood that I could do a combination of stain and paint on. No such luck. While he was sanding I quickly realized it was partly a simulated wood piece. Staining was not going to work. Oh well, what's a girl to do but make the most of it. Deciding between a creamy white and black, I ended up choosing black. We have lots of black accents in our home and I thought this would work well.
After sanding I primed with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start (two coats). Lots of drying time between and then two coats of Benjamin Moore Black (a mistint can so I don't know the name).
Both cans of paint were from previous projects and since the table was free this was a $0 freebie fix-up. This is not my forever family room coffee table, but it will do for now. And can you believe I actually chose the wild fabric for the couch and chair only 4 years ago!  I liked the colours (it incorporated the colours we use in our home, beige, black, blue and green) and had advice to pick a pattern so as not to show as much dirt. What was I thinking!!!! A $1500 decision that I would so love to be able to go back and change. I will do the big happy dance one day when these pieces head down to the basement sitting area and I can buy a new SOLID colour sofa to replace it. I did however learn from this and we bought a beautiful heritage leather sofa for our living room. I love love love that one. Thanks for visiting. Be sure to stop by The Inspired Room for more Procrastinator's Party: The After Party reveals.


  1. Hi,

    I LOVE the black!! I think it makes all of the pretties you put on it really pop. Great job!!

  2. Hopped over from the Inspired Room... the coffee table looks great!!

  3. Not a bad coffee table for a free project!

  4. The black is looking good. I had to chuckle about your comments on the choice of material in the sofas. All my couches are NOT plain. And I don't mind it in one of my rooms. But in the other room I do mind---these sofas are a weird blend of brown and aqua and they are sleeper couches that I got for dirt cheap at a consignment shop. They do go with the flooring in the room so I have lived with them for a long time. They are pretty comfy too! ANd we do use them occasionally to sleep on.........so guess I am stuck. But I agree that plain couches would offer so much more flexability. However, I do think it is true that the mixed colored couches are good at hiding the dirt, etc!!

  5. Yes, great choice with the black color. Nice work.

  6. That turned out great! I think it would be my forever table if I had done all of that work on it. It looks like such a heavy, quality piece of furniture, and I love it with the black paint. laurie

  7. It looks LOVELY! Very nice work, I'm so glad you did it!


  8. i think it looks great! nice work with the black!


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