I'm joining the Procrastinator's Party!

I'm participating in The Inspired Room's Procrastinator's Party! It is a chance to finish one of those inevitable projects that tends to be put off.  You can find the before photos at The Inspired Room here. My project is one that I have seen several times around blogland. A tired coffee table in need of a new finish. In this case a good sanding, priming and a paint job.Our friends and neighbours were getting rid of this coffee table and I thought it would work for our family room. Our oldest son loves power tools and was happy to get out the palm sander and safety glasses.  He gave the top a good sanding and a light sanding for the legs.
Now here is the procrastinator's part: he sanded this in August and it has been in our garage ever since. With a cold and snowy Canadian winter less than two months away, it is time to get this baby out of the garage. My excuse is that I can't decide on a colour to paint it. But now that I have linked up, I will have to get to the priming and colour decision part. First, some Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer. Then I need to decide: Benjamin Moore Black or Benjamin Moore Cloud White?


  1. How great that you had a helper to do the sanding! Can't wait to see what color you end up with! Happy painting.


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Can't wait to see how your coffee table turns out! I have a similar one that I've been thinking about painting, too. Good luck!!

  3. I've never gotten a furniture project cause this intimidates me to no end! cant wait to see how it turns out!

  4. That will be so great once it is painted! I love that your son sanded it...I'm thinking I should get my son into the prep work part of painting. Then I'd be all set!

    Hmmmm...black or white? Tough call. I haven't seen your room so I'm not sure which I'd choose. Black furniture gets VERY dusty all the time so if you are OK with that, it would be cute black! But either way, painting it will make it look fabulous!


  5. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by to see me today and your sweet comment. :) It's so nice to meet you!

    Either black or white is going to look so pretty with the lines on that coffee table. I check back through your posts, but I can't find anything on your family room to give an opinion either way. I love furniture makeovers and especially when there's help for the hard work (lucky girl!).

    Have a great week!


  6. That table will look awesome...either black or white. (how about both? LOL!)

  7. My daughter (Shannon @ Silver Trappings) told me recently that every room needs a black piece of furniture - so I bought a black fireplace mantel. She was right!
    Happy painting!
    Jayne at mysongwithin

  8. Good luck with your coffee table! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  9. Yeah-why not both? Black legs, white top and then you wouldn't have to look at all the dust that shows up on black furniture.

    Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  10. Kids and power tools- I love it! MY daughters actually like sanding too- it's fun hey?!
    As for the colour -I am always a sucker for white, but black is so classic too. I can't wait to see what you decide!

  11. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  12. Dropping by to say howdy!
    Thank you for becoming a homehaven follower!!! I appreciate this and will enjoy getting to know you through blogging.

    This will be a great project and will like seeing what you do with it.
    God bless,

  13. okay! Get started on this so that we can see the finished product!

  14. Looking forward to the after! It's got good bones!

  15. Hi Elizabeth, I just found your blog through Funky Junk. I'm looking foward to checking out your site. So far, I'm enjoying it! :)

    @ Cheap Chic Home


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