Funky Junk's Saturday Night Special~~Vignettes

I'm joining Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special featuring vignettes hosted by the super creative and humorous Donna. Donna not only has a fantastic home and blog, but she has given some incredibly helpful tips on improving your blog that I have been so happy to take advantage of. Her Passion Series is very inspiring also. This weeks Saturday Nite Special is all about vignettes around our homes.
While I have always loved accessories, it has only been since I started blogging that I have felt a tiny bit more comfortable creating vignettes. Before, it was put some nice things here and there and that's it. Now, I am trying to use my favourite bloggers' tips to use height, repeated shapes and colours etc.
I love this area on our countertop~with some of my favourite elements, white, black, blue, wood, metal...
A work in progress are these display and storage shelves in the eat-in area of our kitchen. I'm thinking now that the shelves are spaced too far apart. The white brackets are from IKEA and I am deciding between painting the shelves white and staining them to keep a rustic pine look. The wall behind will soon be BM Stone House. Another glass canister, this time to hold cookie cutters and cake decorating tips. The large charger is a match to the one on top of the fridge. I'm keeping my eyes open for a larger round silver-plate tray to layer behind the charger, some layerin' lovin' courtesy of Donna.
The rustic finish on this tray made by my friend Julie makes me very happy! One of my favourite pieces is this bread box she gifted me with when I made a multilayer bedskirt for her.

I was inspired by Kim from Twice Remembered and her What's on top of my fridge post to create this vignette on top of our fridge. We have a love of agriculture in our home, especially horses, cows and anything dairy farm, hence the milk bottle from a local dairy and one of my cows. There is still tweaking to do. I hope to soon make a rustic pine box to lift the vase in the back left corner and to bring some of the wood elements to that corner. I have been searching for some vintage boxes like Donna/Funky Junk's here, but have not had any luck.
These great glass canisters keep my baking ingredients close at hand for an after school triple batch of cookies (the largest canister holds whole wheat flour that we go through quite quickly.) Now all I need is to replace my B&D hand mixer with the KitchenAid Professional mixer that is on my wish list;)
I also collect 'Cream Lace' by Skye McGhie and recently added the blue 'Cottage Rose' also by Skye McGhie to this pie safe I painted for our kitchen. The yellow (BM Concord Ivory) walls are on their way out. Most of our main floor is now repainted Benjamin Moore Stone House that you might get a peek of in the back corner of the above picture. The last two kitchen walls and backsplash still need to be completed.
This vignette is on a small cabinet in our dining room. I picked up the lamp for $4 and spray painted it. I'm looking for a more interesting lampshade and just borrowed this one from another room. Maybe a drum shade? I saw one at HomeSense, covered in burlap. What do you think? I also think I need a taller mirror or framed piece to rest behind the other photo. For some reason, I just realized now, the cabinet is pulled over too far to the right. It usually does not sit in front of the wall opening, but centers nicely. I'll have to fix that.
And below, a little tray vignette I pulled together to photograph the coffee table I just painted. My parents gave me a pile of green, burgundy and my fav, blue, leather Reader's Digest Select Editions. I'm learning from Donna and I too will be on the lookout for more trays to layer. The black tray on the black coffee table could use some layerin' lovin'.
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to see more Saturday Nite Special vignettes hosted by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors, one of my favourite places in blogland. And please feel free to leave comments or make suggestions. My hubby and boys are off to the arena to watch our local Ontario Juniors Hockey League team and since I was at the arena this morning with our boys at 6 a.m. and again today at 1p.m., I'm making myself a nice pot of tea and checking out the rest of the Saturday Nite Special participants.


  1. Great to see you join up for the party Elizabeth!

    First off, I'd love to congratulate you on your fine looking blog! I've noticed those widgets are wonderfully centered, you have a cute siggy, the link within is a good perk. You've achieved a passing grade for bloggyness, girl! :)

    And on the vignettes, wow, you've been one busy vignetter. :) Loving the antique down home touches like the old signs, whites, black metal... lovely!

    My fav is the utinsels in the white jugs in the box. Love the layering and depth there!

    You requested suggestions? The cab with the blue inside, my eye pops first to the wicker. What you want to attempt is to centralize the eye flow. My first preference would be to remove the weight of the basket and have it all the same theme in the cab, with lots of variations in height differences on each shelf.

    Play around with that idea if you wish, and take another pic and see what you think! Taking a pic helps, it looks so diff on your camera vs in person. Times like these don't you wish we could simply step into our monitor screens and visit our friends and play with their stuff? LOL!!

    Thanks for joining the party, girl! Good to see you! And I appreciate all your generous comments.

    Funky Junk Donna

  2. ooohhh darling things put together to show them off so well - those rolling pins, the black tray - super cute!

  3. love your pitchers! I love all ironstone though!


  4. It all looks great! I LOVE the three white pitchers in the distressed, white box, drool!!!!

  5. Love the creamware you have. I also love your canisters - too cool. It all looks great.


  6. I love your iron 2 tiered fruit basket and the idea of storing your metal cookie cutters in a glass jar. I have a ton of those glass jars as well and buy them everytime I see one at a yard sale or thrift store. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm partial to kitchen themed vignettes, so I especially love yours. What a gorgeous aqua color inside that cabinet!
    All the best,

  8. I am enjoying seeing everyone's vignettes. I like the one with the white pitchers and the one with the glass canisters.

  9. You have many beautiful pieces... and how you put them together in these vignettes is great!! :)

  10. @cheapchichome. It's been awhile since I've stopped by. Love your vignettes! I'm going to check out the BM paint color, too. I'm a BM girl - wait that doesn't sound right!

  11. That was fun!! I love all your vignettes...but I'm loving that Bread box....I happen to have the same one on my kitchen cabinet...hope someone sees your "wish list" and you get that Kitchen Aid....it's a GodSend.....especially when baking bread..


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