Christmas Wreath idea

Have an old (or new) ceiling medallion kicking around? This cute wreath idea is from BHG.com Handmade Christmas Crafts and Gifts e-newsletter. You can find the link for this and others in the slideshow here. I could see this wreath done in so many different styles. A beachy Christmas look, traditional with a burgundy or deep red ribbon, or with a vintage vibe. I'll be keeping this idea in my seasonal picture folder in case I stumble across a ceiling medallion. Is it really only two months 'till Christmas??!!!!


  1. Well isn't that clever and cute! And you can't get much easier than that. Thanks for sharing this. laurie

  2. That is definitely a neat idea! Thank you for the inspiration...may just give this a try, for the front door!

  3. Elizabeth what a great idea. I love how it turned out.


  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.


  5. @cheapchichome. Oh my! This is so up my alley! I am making one (or more) for sure. Thanks, Elizabeth.


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