Feeling like Fall

It's starting to feel like Fall in our area. Beautiful sunny skies, but the morning temp was 9 Celsius (about 48 F). Our vehicle windows were heavy with frost dew. Should have brought a sweater along to work today. And maybe I should have chosen pants instead of capris and sandals. This afternoon it warmed up to a balmy 17C (68F). Not the warmth we have been used to these past few weeks, but sunny and nice. I've been blog hopping checking out some new and previous Fall decorating posts. Gettin' in the mood. I really need to get the boys to bring out the Rubbermaid 'Fall decorations' bin.
Country Living
I'm looking forward to pulling out some thicker blankets, so we can still keep the windows open on these cooler nights. And some great smelling candles too. Wishing you a wonderful almost fall day.


  1. today was a very fallish day here in central ohio. had to pull out some socks to wear.

    need to pull out my fall decorations, too!
    i think summer is over : (

    hope you have a great week -

    blessings -

  2. I would do anything right now to have your weather....between the rain and the heat (it's still in the 80's) I can't wait to be able to turn off the air conditioning and save some money....

  3. I love your pictures - the blanket looks so cozy!!

  4. Where I live, autumn has also begun. Some tree leaves are beginning to be colored yellow and red, I love it. Thanks for your blog, nice pictures!!

  5. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your encouraging words! I am sure it will all work out fine.The good Lord has a way of taking care of me!!!
    I love these pictures. I am in Florida so I am certainly looking forward to cooler weather!!
    Have a blessed weekend! I will be back soon with more blogs!
    talk to you soon!


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