Storms, lightning and a computer glitch

For the last few days we have had lots of heavy, heavy downpours, lightning and high winds- usually twice per day. During one storm on Monday we attempted to shut our one year old computer off as the storm approached, but I guess we were not quick enough. Something happened to our hard drive and we are in the process of getting it fixed. It is very interesting how our family has become so used to having internet at our fingertips, at our whim- to check a lacrosse score, a 4-H meeting time and location that was delivered by e-mail, the landscaping bin rental places nearby etc. Information that we are so used to accessing easily and quickly has to be found a different way.
Both hubby and I grumbled a bit about the inconvenience. He missed his lacrosse updates and I missed stopping by my favourite blogs. We sat down and turned the t.v. on (something I rarely do) only to see the mudslides in Taiwan and that put everything into perspective very quickly.

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