How do you define your design style?

Are you able to define your design style? I think having a design style or 'vision' of our home is important. It helps me in making decisions and purchases. I have been struggling trying to define my decorating style. I admire so many of your blogs, and get great inspiration from them too. I definitely know what I like and what I don't like. Like many people, my budget is usually the biggest factor in decisions I make regarding decorating our home. I often 'make do' or 'redo' to make things work for now. Luckily for me, my husband likes whatever I do.
I took the style quiz on HGTV.com and it said my style is Crafted Simplicity. Discover Your Style on HGTV.com The blurb says: "Simple shapes and strong lines. Fine craftsmanship mixes with natural materials. I'm drawn to Arts and Crafts, Mission and Shaker styles."

I will have to investigate this further, but I can see elements of what I like in this style, although not exclusively. I like a neutral, rustic version of things. Less 'period' or 'history' specific, and more a feeling, colours and textures. I admire several decorating styles including a woodsy lakefront beach look (not tropical). I love a farmhouse or timber frame home with leather furniture, great wood pieces, farmhouse tables, some painted pieces, stone, rustic metals and my favourite colours: neutrals, browns, creams, whites, black, and blues (from navy to aquas) with a hint of green. While I have tried other colours, bought countless other fabric and accessory colours, I always 'find' my way back to these basics. My favourite fabrics, hands down, are denim (blue or white) and leather. I love texture, in quilts, throws, baskets, and fabrics. I like lots of rustic and earthy things and a bit of lace and softness too. At least I know that much about my decorating style. The rest is still a struggle.

These are some inspiration photos I have been admiring lately. I continue to look for more.

All above photos:BHG
This is a fabric I chose for my familyroom. It is Liz Claiborne Delmonico Blue Paisley. I love the blues and the paisley has that kind of western bandana feel to it.
Do these photos help to define the quiz results of 'Crafted Simplicity'? I don't know. I will continue to visit my favourite blogs and websites to gather more inspiration in my quest to define my decorating style. I would love to hear your opinion.


  1. I think your beautiful inspiration images DO look like "crafted simplicity". What a lovely style it is. laurie

  2. Hi, Elizabeth!! Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight to check out my summer foyer make-over. And thanks for all your advice about the black front door. I think I'm definitely going to do it now. It's just a matter of when I can get around to it;)

    Crafted Simplicity sounds so lovely to me. All the inspiration photos you posted are gorgeous! I've always had trouble defining my style, I feel like I'm all over the place. Thanks for the post, I'm going to go check out the quiz now!

  3. Somehow came across your blog as Ive been blog hopping :) Thought Id say Hi :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your lamps that you did yourself. Do you know any great place to get a couple of drum shades (for a good price)? Love your crafty, beachy style! Love that slipcovered ottoman/bench!

  5. New to blogging. Just found your blog. We have something in common(besides a love for decorating). I am a special needs teacher who started out in the medical field but switched.
    Looking forward to going back and reading all your posts.

  6. I love your photos ! I am always looking too.

  7. I've always wonderd what my decorating style was too - I'll have to check out HGTV and see. I love the photos you posted - all those rooms look inviting and have items I would love!
    Thank you for stopping by my log cabin blog! :)

  8. I have always believed if you buy what you love your style will show itself to you. Buy one significant piece and go from there. Some may find it strange but I belive pieces & homes really do talk to you. Living with the way light comes into a room, how it dances of furniture. The mood lighting at night. Paint one wall when your nervous and live with the color to see if you like it. Take pictures with your digital over time of pieces you like and I bet you before you know it, it will clearly show you what style you are.


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