Met Monday Master bathroom ~~Adding some paint and accessories

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I would like to share my master bathroom update. We have lived in our current home for 10 years and while we have painted some rooms twice, our master bathroom ensuite went unpainted all that time. I decided on a coastal feel for this room and painted it a soothing aqua colour. My sister-in-law gave me the seaside figures for my birthday recently.
We love to camp and spend time at the great beaches here in Ontario and hope to visit Cape Cod and Prince Edward Island soon.
We have a large and deep oval Jacuzzi soaker tub and separate shower.

I love to soak in the tub and read my favourite magazines. This bag holds them all neatly. Nothing like stepping out onto a soft cushy white bathmat.

Although we have four bathrooms, my boys often shower in here. We have found the hooks to be more useful than towel bars~~the towels are less likely to end up on the floor! This past summer I was looking for chrome or black hooks and knobs for the lower cabinets. When I saw the price I decided to have some fun with a can of satin black spray paint instead.

I love the colours of these antique mason jars. The glass is such a pretty blue-green and so wavy and irregular.
Oops, time to add some more bars of soap! There is also supposed to be a small cloche with a birds nest in this photo (that rule of three), the kids must have moved it and I didn't notice :)

I love love love white fluffy towels. My towels and facecloths in here are actually a mix of whites, blues and light brown but I forgot to take those photos. We added this tall cupboard for extra storage as our sink cabinet (not shown) is not that big.

I love these little white wicker balls for the texture they add. I need to find the right spot for them.
We still need to get a new light for over the sink and possibly a small chandelier for the center of the ceiling. A new non-builder faucet for the sink would be great too. I also hope to trim the plain builder mirror. If I ever get the courage, I will try crown-moulding too. So many ideas, so little time and budget. But, I will post more photos when we get these things done. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Met Mondays.


  1. I only use white towels. I love your mason jars with their slightly blue tint. I too use hooks for the very same reason. Nothing like a nice hot bath,eh? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great looking room redo! I love all the little cool touches! I am so jealous with those footed containers! Awesome choice for today's Met Monday!

  3. I love this bathroom! The really like the bag for your magazines!

  4. I love the clean simplicity of this. Like you, I love to soak in bubbles and read. I add my favorite candle to the side of the tub!

  5. I like your color choices! With boys you are brave to use all that white! I have "honey", two sons & 5 grandsons. White is not a SAFE color! :) The only thing I can say for white & boys is BLEACH is a good thing!

  6. i have likely told you this already, but i too am from ontario canda. I think you have done a fabulous job giving your bathroom a coastal feel. So calm and serene!

  7. Ohh...I love the white...looks so serene and beachy!!...Debbie

  8. Love your bathroom! And amen about the hooks. We are redoing the girls' bathroom and we are removing the towel bar in favor of hooks.

  9. I too love the hooks for kids (and adults for that matter!)...your bathroom looks so serene and beachy! Love the jars too. Thanks for letting me know about it. I cannot wait to work on mine!!

    Happy day,


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