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Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I live with my family in Ontario, Canada. After spending some time at Rate my space I found my way to several of your blogs. I found that while many people on RMS were very kind, others were not. I decided to follow the kind people, who happen to have great style, too.
I was so happy to find Melaine from mysweetsavannah, Susan from BetweenNapsOnThePorch, and Gollum. I admire mom_of_german_shorthair on RMS for her kind comments too. Through their blogs I found others who also inspire me. I searched their older posts for inspiration and checked in almost daily for new posts. I have added comments to some and joined my first (and only so far) Tablescape Tuesday (oops Thursday now) thanks to Susan.

While I have many ideas, I struggle sometimes to decorate our home the way I dream of (my budget, confidence and time often get in the way.) I also struggle with defining my style. I like so many things! I want a bit of western rustic and at the same time a northern lakeside or beach feel. I also like some romantic and elegant touches too.

I will continue to visit my favourite blogs for inspiration but I hope that by having a blog of my own, I will be able to more easily join weekly blogging events. I have a lot to learn but I hope to have fun on the journey.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to Blogland! You are going to find this a much nicer place than RMS! :-) So glad you are here! Susan

  2. Elizabeth, please let me welcome you to blogging!

  3. Welcome to blogging , I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have .
    RMS is kinda awful a lot of the time , bloggers are much more kind .

  4. Sorry I must have been signed in under my husband this is me now Chris

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    Mom of a German Shorthair (Linda) asked me to say Hi. She said that she wasn't able to leave a comment...google blogger wouldn't let her. If you want to make it where anyone can leave a comment, just go to Layout, Settings and Comments and select "anyone" under who can comment...then hit "Save." Don't want you to miss any comments now that you are here in good ole Blogland! :-) Susan

  6. Hi Elizabeth!!! Welcome to the world of blogging...be prepared to get totally hooked...it's the best thing I have done in years, you will have more fun then you can imagine...Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you visit often! Sue @ Rue Mouffetard


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